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Hello Lovelies, I guess you all are doing okay around the world.! You would frequently read from a young lady in her late 20s who is originally from Nigeria but currently lives in the United States.

She can be simply described as jovial, fun loving, always smiling and kindhearted. She is a Lawyer by career and STYLISH by nature. Always buried her head in her profession without giving any consideration into anything else. Notwithstanding all, she always got compliments about her outfits (No matter how simple she looked), she was always asked if she was a Model and was talked into being one but she never took it up. Also convinced about 2(two) years ago to start a blog she refused! *Sigh*

However, she has sisters who are currently in the beauty and fashion industry who she intended to collaborate with to build their brands (that was her first step into making it work). At some point whilst still focused on her career, she tried setting up a tailoring outlet where she intended to be the Fashion Illustrator. Not to our surprise, the project never left the ground…. lol.

Finally, she has decided to start this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meet your writer…IMG_4050

Welcome everyone, enough said about me. I am so glad to have you all here and I hope you all are doing fabulously well out there!

While I inspire my friends and readers on all things Fashion, Style and Beauty to the best I can…. i.e considering I have no expertise in them and also have an ongoing career, I would at most keep things Simple and Basic as we learn from each other! However, there would be fun stories for your entertainment.

Keep your Ideas, Suggestions and Positive Comment rolling. XOXO

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