Styled Denim.

Hello beautiful people, I hope you all are doing great?. It has been cold and dry out there so I guess you all are keeping warm.

Been busy with life in general, but however I am still excited to share my fashion ideas with you all.

We definitely all have one or more Denim outfits hanging in our closets, and there are cool ways you can style them without being conventional.



My Denim shirt and a Quater length White Pants, gives a perfect twist to the conventional Denim X Denim outfit.

Sure to be appropriately dressed for a Casual Business Lunch wearing this.



Hope I inspired you stylishly and until next time, don’t forget to leave your comments and suggestions while you hit the follow button down below. Xoxo

Outfit Details:

Shirt: Levi

Pants: Simplystylebyj

Shoes: Anne Michelle

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