Comfortably Stylish.

0F7CAD71-E6B9-4495-90E6-865111932B47I am back again on another exciting post and I hope you all are living stylishly out there.

Most times we ladies get caught up with looking extremely sexy by showing off our curves and feeling comfortable at the same time.

Interesting to know that you don’t necessarily have to wear tight fitted clothes to express or appreciate your body curves.


The over-sized jumper and Wide leg pants creates that sense of comfort and sexiness.

To create a little style to it, you slightly tuck in the Jumper to help accentuate your waist. It is a win- win situation for Comfort and Sexiness!6351B2DF-0862-4677-8DAC-5BF7F4154138Hope I inspired you and don’t forget to leave your comments and suggestions while you hit the follow button below. Xoxo.

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