Spring already?

Hey guys, I am back again! Guess everyone is doing great.

I am super excited that the cold uncomfortable weather, is giving way for a more refreshing and pleasant weather -Spring. A time where I get to be more creative and expressive about my outfit choices, when I get to dress up without suffocating my pretty little body with layers of thick woolly fabrics!!

As a renowned lover of colours, I would start with this cute number dress.Β F80350CA-D8AC-4D70-A720-3D3720F934A1

One of my trademarks is Simplicity, because less is more.


To protect my skin from the windy times, I decided to style this dress with a trench sweater, jacket or shawl.




Outfit Details:

Dress: H & M

Trench Sweater: Thrifted

Denim Jacket : Fashionnova

Shawl: H & M

Be inspired, Be creative, because it is Spring!!!! Xoxo




  1. Simplicity is always classy….#lovely gown#nice colour#nice denim jacket#cool trench jacket#the combo is beautiful…more grace dear and keep doing what your doing dear.


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