Exfoliated Skin.

Hello guys, I am back again  with a fun skincare routine.


The Biospa Therapeutic  Salt scrub which contains Activated Charcoal and Eucalyptus Oil is a must have!!! I use this twice a month, to conduct a deep cleansing session for my skin.

The Activated Charcoal helps:

•Detoxifies skin

•Gets rid of acne scars & blemishes

•Gently exfoliates skin

Whitens dark underarms

•Sucks out impurities & Lifts dark dead skin.

Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil.

•Serves as an antiseptic and remedial agent


•Relieve sore muscles

•Antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties which helps to heal wounds, skin infection, insect bites & acne.

Try it out, I bet you would love your skin afterwards!



Xoxo, Joy!

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