Ankara Flair.

Hi everyone, back again and this time I am bringing my African Style.


Had this high waist pants for a while now but still fits like a glove and looks great on me.

060B4102-AAB0-45B2-BF66-FB51995311F7Chose a white Top to create that Contrast and Tone to the Pants. White to also make the pants stand out.

Not to mention the colours and pattern on the fabric, it’s beautiful.


Love the YELLOW 🧡my favourite colour of all times.

If you love the african fabrics, but concerned on how to style it, this is a great way to style it, so you have a mix of Urban (top) and the african piece (pants).

Hope you loved it, don’t forget to leave your comments and suggestions while you hit the follow button down below.

Xoxo, Joy

Outfit Details:

Top: Vince Camuto

Pants: Simplystylebyj & Adibahsfashionhouse

Bag: Coach

Shoes: Marshalls


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