How Would You Style Your Utility Dress?

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This happens to be my first utility style outfit. It’s a mini dress from  ASOS  which is absolutely light weight and comes in a linen fabric.


Most times, utility dresses are styled with sneakers or boots, but I decided to style it with a pair of heels which elevated the look with my makeup, earrings and bag.

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My SHASHI statement earrings brought a whole different dimension and look to the overall outfit appearance. It is such a beautiful thread earrings that goes perfectly with my hair do and I made sure each individual item complimented the other to create a whole perfect look.


I was also going for a monotone look with a touch of color which happened to be red. After I did my makeup using my NARS Powermatte lip pigment  , I knew I had to go with  my red crossbody bag and Heels from Madden Girl


There is never a set way to style an item, go with your guts and what makes you super confident and comfortable.

A pet peeve that comes with linen fabrics, its inability to hold its smooth texture after steaming. It is quick to wrinkle and look shabby if not worn or managed properly, but I enjoyed styling and wearing this all through the shoot.



Love the button and flap details on the dress, sleeves have an elastic cinch on the wrist and the waist has an elastic cinch and ropes as well.


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