Mom Life and Blogging Life.

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Addressing the messages I get on how I manage my Mom life and Blogging. It has been a huge adjustment since having a baby as I work around his schedule but I push to make things work on my blog.

By working around his schedule, I use every spare minute to put a line down, or take some pictures for my content. Most times, I shoot some contents at midnight when I know he’s fast asleep. That’s the sacrifice and hard work I put into creating contents for my blog.


Most times, it takes me days to put a blog post together and ready for publishing. Eg for this particular post, I am currently put together my write up, my pictures haven’t been edited just yet, I will have to edit them later and add them to the desired space.

The aim is getting something out every week so I try to create contents every spare time and day to achieve my goal.


It’s not the most comfortable or easy scenerio, but I am determined to keep my readers engaged and it’s an avenue for me to express myself on all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle.


I loved curating this look because was a perfect blend of highs and lows. The teddy coat and bag are from Burlington  and I love them so much, the coat is soft, comfy and keeps me warm. The sweater dress is from Nordstrom Rack and it’s really soft. The shoes are Aldo and belt is Thrifted.


Another way I create contents is by shooting different looks in a day. That gives me the opportunity of having shot contents to work on later.


Pairing these items together, created a very chic and sophisticated look in my opinion. It could pass for a business meeting look, brunch look and a party look.


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Sustainable Fashion.

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THRIFTING THRIFTING THRIFTING has been one of my favorite sports because it promotes sustainability in the fashion industry.

My Entire Outfit is Pre-Owned

I curated this look with individual items in my closet that I had purchased from thrift shops.


These items are unique as they can be worn individually or paired together as seen. Pre-owned items foster sustainability because they are second-hand, and are ecologically friendly. Hence the need to produce new items will diminish.


As a lover of Vintage clothes and an owner of a VINTAGE SHOP, I find it more interesting to go in search of these items and most of them are designer items, very unique (not seen everywhere), stylish and good quality.

Pre-owned Purse.

You can check out my VINTAGE SHOP  for listed hand-picked items that aid sustainability.


This is an OVER-SIZED tweed jacket I styled using a belt to accentuate my waist line, paired with a silk shirt and a Wrangler Pair of Jeans.


One of the advantages of having pre-owned items, is that you get them at affordable prices, if not super cheap. Most of them are fairly used and occasionally, you can find new items with tags on!!!!

A Look like this can be less than $50!!!


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My Time with Jord.

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Today’s blog post is all about JORD who I am working with to participate in designing all their products. I love working with JORD because they are focused on refining and producing accessories with natural and reclaimed materials.


If you know me, you know I love vintage accessories hence I chose this vintage inspired design from their Cassia collection. This is made of walnut wood and it comes with a natural finishing oil which is used for the care and preservation of the watch.

You can check out their website HERE   for their incredible watch options for both men and women. You can personalize the watch with a watch engraving and/or box engraving..

Incredible Details!!!

Perfect  for keeping tabs on all my scheduled appointments, work deadlines and meetings.

Works absolutely great with any outfit.

It is light weight, easy to handle with a perfect round cut shape!


As a part of the Design Network, I have the opportunity to give my opinions about styles, colors, and more for their products. Right now, JORD is focusing on their new product line– handbags and would like your help with the next collection! These bags are made from Suberhide, aka cork oak, and vegan leather. The cork oak tree is one of the three trees in the world that can be stripped of its bark without dying. As the bark regrows, it pulls in a great deal of carbon dioxide in the air. The material is scratch and tear resistant, hypoallergenic, water-resistant, flame retardant, anti-static, and resistant to stains. JORD put a lot of research into this material to make a high-quality, natural material handbag!

Hence, I would like to invite you along with me on this journey! JORD is focused on creating products that you are looking for and would love your feedback. Participants will receive $30 immediate savings on JORD’S website. All you have to do is click this link HERE and fill out this short and fun survey.

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Mens Wooden Watches

Swatching Lip Monthly Goodies.

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Today I am writing about LIP MONTHLY  and all their lovely goodies.

It’s a subscription for Full sized Lipsticks, Lip stains, Lip pencils and Eyeshadow sticks. Being my first time to try out their collection, I was impressed.

This bag contained a total of four full  items that worked perfectly with it each other. I could use them separately or blend them to create a look.

A Lip stain, Lip Pencil, Lip stick and Eyeshadow Stick.


Here I used the Hikari Lipstick and the Evio Lip pencil which was smooth to blend.
I used the Eyeshadow Stick  to highlight my brow bone.


Overall, it is a good mix of makeup items which would last a long time.