Tucked in.

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A slighty windy andcold Sunday afternoon, had my day planned out to meet with CJ to take a couple of pictures for our  blogs, and have lunch.

I got ill and couldn’t wear what I had initially picked out. With the intention of staying super warm and stylish, I quickly grabbed my turtle neck by Axcess .I could only find an exact one on Thredup but here is another similar one from Khols Here and it is super thick and warm.



Despite my situation, I was bent on staying happy as always and dressing up is one way to keep me happy.


With the winds blowing, my hair flying, cars passing by and people staring, CJ and I kept doing our thing.



Glad I had my comfortable boots by  Kenneth Cole  because we had to walk and stand a while to get good spots for the pictures. I would link a couple of their boots here because they are currenly offering a 50% off their range of boots. This Metallic Boots are on sale now, this Kick tall dress boots with kitten heels is also on sale. This Patent Leather Booties is also on sale and hopefully it’s not sold out at the time of publishing this post.


Coat is Vintage by Rothschild


Bag is Ninewest and you can find a couple of those here in Macys


Jeans I got a long time ago from Nordstrom but I linked something similar Here


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Recreating my previous look.

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Let’s get started!!!!! Following my previous post, I decided to recreate that look.


Remember my whowhatwear  skirt? I decide to do a white button down shirt a a thigh high white boots. Saw a couple of boots but fell in love with this one. You can also get them from Target Here


Bag is by Nanette Lepore and you can find a stack of her bags in Nordstrom Rack.


Coat is a 1960s Vintage by Betty Rose.





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A Closet Sale Find.

Hey lovelies, how are you all doing? I am curious to know what your weather feels like wherever you are, because mine keeps surprising us with a minus feel.

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I went for a bloggers closet sale event and was able to pick an item from all the closets. Typically, while I shop, I envision how I would style or pair each item while sometimes, I buy an item because it’s nice and has styling potential.


I was able to snag this plaid A-line mini whowhatwear  skirt from @thedandyliar closet and its super soft, nice and has these bold brown buttons on the side. Found  the exact same skirt, and you can shop from  Target Here


Did I say how much I love the mix of cream, black and red? These colours are usually one of the best combinations that would help when choosing your colour of accessories.


Because I  have an ankle lenght boot, I decided to style this skirt with my mock turtle neck top by H&M and you can shop  same type Here , also paired with my Vintage lenghty sweater. The details and placements on this sweater is so unique.


Same black glossy patent boots I have had for a while now by Kenneth Cole which I have linked something similar Here







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A Basic Tee.

Hi everyone, this will be a simple blog post of less writing and more pictures.

How to style a basic CHIC NYC Tee-Shirt in two ways. To shop my look, use my code ONYINS to get 20% off your entire purchase from Here


First look is a chic business casual look, styled with a blazer or jacket of your choice. To shop a blazer similar to  mine, I have linked this Blazer Here    and you get 20% off when you use my code ONYINS.




You can also style your Tee with any Biker Jacket of your choice. I will link the Tee Shirt Here and a similar Biker jacket Here for you to shop and get the discount when you use my code ↑↑↑






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Black Shoes are Aldo  and you can purchase same Here

Yellow Cargo pants are Loft and they are currently doing a 25% off your entire purchase.

Crossbody Bag is from Target

Blush Monochromatic.

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Today’s blog will be about how I spent a relaxed Sunday evening with a friend CJ.


Meeting CJ for the first time in person although we had opened communications via instagram and text messaging, I decided to go with a monochromatic look. It was one of the easiest outfits I put together in couple of minutes.


Weather was pretty awesome hence my open toe shoes from Aldo which I have had for quite a long time now.

CJ planned the photo session which turned out great, we tried out scenes to achieve great pictures and finally ended the evening by having a wonderful dinner at Stella Modern Italian Cuisine with a heck of catching up and getting to know each other better.


Choosing a montone outift is one easy styling techinique you can adopt in making your get-ready session fast and simple. I love this sweater I got from  Burlington because its simple and it has those cute crossing at the chest area, making the neckline stand out. Got it off the racks but I found something similiar with a different colour Here



I love the gold cuff details on this shoe, gives my ankle a stronger  grip and looks stylsih. Choose this colour of shoes, to create a bit of contrast to the whole blush pink look. This is quite an old shoe, but if you desire to have a shoe  with almost same ankle cuff look, I linked this Aldo shoes Here for you to shop.


This cute little bag I got as a birthday gift few hours ago, was my go-to pick for this look. It is an Aldo crossbody   bag which you can shop the exact same one Here

Love the Burgundy and Blush look. Burgundy is a winter/fall colour which can also be worn in summer.



Pants I also got as a gift few hours ago, very light weight, pleated with mini draw belt aroung the waist.  It’s from Ross and it’s a good choice for spring and summer!



Threw on my thick warm fringe scarf from H&M which complimented my whole look!. You can find similar H&M chunky fabric woven fringe scarfs Here

Also find similar ones Here    Here


CJ is such a beautiful, warm young lady with soo much aspiration and as a fashion blogger like me, we would continue to give each other the support that we can offer, to achieve our dreams. You can check her out on instagram as @cheonhwajones, and show her some love.

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30 in Neon.

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When this post goes up, I will be 12 hours away from my 30th birthday!!!!! Super excited that I have learnt from my 20s and ready to discover more in my 30s.


I only started blogging September of 2017, started with baby steps and through these periods, I have gained more insight on how to better share my views on fashion, styling and beauty. In life, you never stop learning, there is room for massive growth and development, there is a lot of potential we all have that we need to key into. So far, I am not exactly where I would love to be, but I am delighted that God brought me this far.


If you follow my instagram page, I did a story previously on how I styled this Cardigan differently, but this time, I dressed it up. Dug out these my River Island shoes (old) that I have had for about 4 years now, styled perfectly with my neon cardigan.


You desire to wear a leggings but not comfortable with your butt hanging out, you style with a long Tee or Shirt, in that way, it covers your butt area. I chose a black long shirt to go over my faux leather Aldo leggings.


Most times I get so complacent with my pin earrings, but I had to consciously put on those earrings from H&M and you can shop for something similar Here


It has been a period of growth for me, both spiritual, mental and physical. I have actively excommunicated things and people that are not healthy for my mind, body and soul. I have conciously built and still building good and healthy relationships, disregarded things and people that have no substance to my personal and subsconscious growth, I have continued to search God’s word and His purpose for me here on earth. 


For this  my new age, I pray I continue to be self aware of who I am, the things I can acheive if I set my mind to do, realise that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13), and I have the spirit of God in me to make be, things that need to be.

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Hose and Pumps.

Hey lovelies, I am back again and this time, I am introducing one of my long old style tip. If you haven’t yet subcribed to my blog, hit the follow button below on the right side of your screen and let’s get connected!


It has been a long tradition to style outfits with panty  hose and open toe shoes. With the air becoming more cold and windy, a panty hose is one way to look stylish without wearing Jeans or Pants.


Most times, I double my panty hose if I feel the need to due to the temperature. The thicker ones are usually soft and they keep you warm through the day.

My colour block sweater was a way of avoiding an all black look, because I love a bit of colour on my outfits. You can also decide to wear boots or flat shoes with your Panty hose, and not neccessarily an open toe shoe (sandals).

It was such a gloomy day but I had to take these pictures for the blog and I am glad I did!. These block heel shoes are one of my comforatble shoes, and I wear them when I am avoiding a black pair of shoes but at the same time don’t want a bright coloured shoes.

My Satin shoes by Report in Lawren design can be found Here  but sadly it is out of Stock.  You can always save the link to know when it is back in stock.


Topped up my look with my Vintage Carmel Coat by Rothschild, to blend with the colours on my dressbarn sweater (old) and my JustFab  mini black skirt (old) but you can find something similar Here





If you read my previous post on Layering, this is one technique you can use for layering. A termal underneath your sweater, a couple of panty hose, your skirt, sweater and Coat.

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