Oh so Vintage.

Hello everyone, the festivities have begun, we are constantly finding ourselves getting ready for one event or the other. Remember, you can keep things simple or elaborate, no one would fault you for it.

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Mercedes Benz of Oklahoma City had their annual Christmas Party yesterday and I thought I should roll out in a Cream Top, Black Pleated Pants and a VINTAGE coat by Betty Rose.


My Black Pleated Pants by Catherine Malandrino Same Here is extremely soft and comfortable, and I knew the pleat pants and lace top was a great pick, with a clear pointy heel and a glittery gold purse to compliment my entire look.


My Red Coat, lol little red riding hood is a Vintage find, perfect for the holiday season, very stylish and unique, with the faux fur to give me a cozy feel. This excellent Vintage coat is by Betty Rose, designed in the 1960s!! I am so glad I got my hands on it. It was a lucky find and it costs nothing compared to the price I see on  Here


You can find most Gianni Bini tops in Dillards Here

Let me lead you into a few tricks I used for my top, to create the waist line. I have this cream ribbon lieing around my house which came with a winter blanket I bought a few months back. When I tried on my top, I knew it needed more concept, so viola, I used the Ribbon on it!



Purse is a Carvella design by  Kurt Geiger, which you can find something similar Here  without the glitters though. Shoes are from Fashionnova, and you can have a quick buy Here . It’s my all time favourite pick that goes with any coloured outfit I throw on.







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Top: Gianni Bini

Pants: Catherine Malandrino

Coat: Betty Rose

Purse: Kurt Geiger

Shoes: Fashionnova.



A Quick Fix.

Hi everyone, for those coming on my blog for the first time, you are welcome! I am Joy and I get excited when I have a new fashion, style and beauty idea to share.

FBAEBA3B-4888-4DDB-8E99-ECB5FF94B8ED A Sunday morning with beautiful weather in the high 50s, I felt the need to wear the Poncho George got me the night before. Clueless on what to style it with, we were so late that it took me literally 25 seconds to breeze through my closet and chose this Jumpsuit.


I have had this Jumpsuit for approximately 5 years now and needless to say, it still fits with a little bit of tightness around the butt and waist region.



Who knows how best to style or recycle old outfit? Sometimes they say if you haven’t worn an outfit in 6 months, give it out, most times I literally forget they are there until I do a wardrobe sweep.


Surprisingly ponchos make an outfit real cute! I wanted either an all black or brown  to compliment the colours on the poncho.


George was skeptical about me loving the Poncho. I guess the pictures can tell.


Styled with a Pair of black shoes and purse.


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Outfit Details: 

Jumpsuit: Random shop in London

Poncho: Marc by Andrew Marc. You can surf the online clothing store Here to shop your favourite items.

Shoes: RiverIsland

Bag: Calvin Klein




Layering with Summer clothes.

Hello everyone, I am back and I hope everyone is doing well. I will be sharing tips on how to layer up with summer clothing items.

A pink summer dress.

I know we are currently in the winter season, but there are some summer clothings we have that would still work a great deal for the winter. You just have to use the layering technique to create a warm outfit.

A burgundy turtle neck top

This is a typical summer dress which I layered with a turtle neck top for fall/winter. You can choose whatever summer outfit you have in your closet, layer it up with a sweater or cardigan and make it look cute. Turtle neck sweaters are perfect choices for these kinds of technique.

You can style with a piece of Jewellery.

With any choice of yours, an elaborate or dainty jewellery would be a good pick to add to your entire look.

Don’t be afraid to go bold with colours.

If you are new to my blog, I love playing with colours. They don’t scare me at all!! It’s always advisable to add a little flair to your outfit with a touch of any colour. Not necessarily loud colours but just for tones and contrasts.

The Hair, The Lips.


Discover your personal style, develop it, don’t be timid to explore ideas, styles and clothes because Style is an expression of who you are. It’s not about the clothes, it’s about who wears them and how they style them.

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Outfit Details:

Top: Forever 21 something similar Here

Dress: H&M

For extras……… Or if you are going for a complete look regardless of the weather condition.


Under no circumstance should anyone freeze their toes. Just showing for Style inspiration.



Perfect Lip shades for the season.

Hello everyone, I am back. It is the season of party, celebration and  tonnes of events. We all want to have that perfect lipstick shade that would highlight our makeup look.

Here are the two basic shades that I chose from Stila Cosmetics which best describes the winter and party season.


They are  creamy-matte full coverage lip colour composition that gives a bold and long lasting all day effect. Both textures are weightless on the lips and delivers a comfort with a colour-rich formula that would not bleed or transfer.  I would recommend the bright red Lip Shade in Bisou  for Christmas parties & Events and the Blackberry  Lip Shade in Bordeaux  to achieve a night/winter makeup look.

A quick video  showing how I apply both lipsticks, please WATCH.↓↓↓


You can decide which one you prefer to use either way but I would preferably use both as stated above. Let’s get into swatches!!


No tales, I have used Bisou and it lasted a long time for the day. I must say, I am terrible at eating and maintaining a smudge free lipstick but this lippie stayed on perfectly although not as first applied, but considering my sloppiness with eating and lip stick smudges, it did a good job!

I would also recommend it being a Christmas gift for a friend or family member. An added lippy to their makeup collection would mean alot.

I love the contrast between the Green Flower and the Bisou Shade.


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Shop Bisou Lipstick Here  and shop Bordeaux Lipstick Here





Image result for stila bordeaux
MATTE'ificent Lipstick,                        Main,                         color, BISOU Shop




Fall/Winter Haul.

Hello everyone, I am back again and I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving Holiday with family and friends. 

I would be sharing my Fall/Winter Haul although I am late on my Fall Haul, better late than never.

Sweaters and Cardigans

I love bright colors regardless of the season. I still mix a little of blacks, browns and colours. I have been able to put together a video to explain more on how I style and where I got most items from. Watch!!!


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First Step to Layering Up.

Hello everyone, I am back again and I hope you all are doing great. As the season becomes colder, the air becomes drier we should dress appropriately for the weather. No one needs to have their lungs or kidney affected by the cold.

Layering Up and looking cute is evidently possible.



I have a thick black vest underneath, a black tight which goes all the way to my under bust and my knee high boots. Most times, I double my black tights depending on how cold the weather feels. I considered these my inner wears before I have on my actual outfit which is the black dress and my Cardigan. Right now, I have about three warm items underneath before the black dress.


The mix of brown and blacks gives a perfect warm tone to the entire outfit. If you can’t go bold with colours this season, browns and blacks are a great colour scheme to opt for.

At this point, I was sweating badly just to get these shots lol but its safer to be warm than catch a cold. That is the essence of layering.

I have had these knee lenght patent boots for almost 5 years and they are still going strong. They serve as a  good protection for the wet, rainy and cold days.

You can use a black jacket or a brown jacket for the over lay, with any choice of scarf.


This is the first step to layering. Focus on your warm inner wears and then you top up with any cardigan or jacket of your choice.

I hope you enjoyed the tricks of layering and still looking  good regardless. Don’t forget to leave your comments and suggestions while you hit the follow button down below.

Outfit Details:

Cardigan: Dress Barn (linking this cardi as a substitute) Here

Boots: Primark (linking these boots as a substitue) Here

Thights: H&M

Dress: Random Buys

Fall with Colours.

Hello everyone, I am back again and I hope  you all are doing great. It is the fall season and I believe it’s all about the bright booming colours too.

It is all about the Oranges, the Reds and the Yellows.

However, I incorporated this Torquoise blue Cardi into my colour scheme.


I love this Cardi because it can be worn as an off shoulder, creating  abit of style. The blend of colours, patterns and designs are amazing, which made me style it with a pair of mustard yellow pants from Chicos. Although I can’t find the exact pants online, you can find something similar Here



Styled the whole outfit with a pair of shoes from Cato. I love these shoes because they are comfortable and cute. They go with most outfits I wear and you can get something similar Here.

On writing this blog, I found out I was featured on the official Cato website on how to shop my shoes!!!!! I am beyond excited. The link provided above, will take you straight into my featured post and how to shop my shoes. On the web link, scroll all the way down, and you would see your girl!

I am excited I get to share all my outfit post and style tips for all of you guys. Hope you enjoyed the blog, don’t forget to hit the follow button down below as you leave your comments and suggestions. Xoxo Joy.

Outfit Details:

Cardi: Vintage shop

Trousers: Chicos

Shoes: Cato Fashion.