Is A Skincare Fridge Worth It?.

can I put my sleeping mask in the refrigerator?

While you have heard about a skincare or beauty fridge from social media or at best, one of your skincare creators. The real question is; is it necessary to have one?

I am sure you have a refrigerator in your kitchen, or a mini room fridge to store your drinks or snacks for easy reach, but is it necessary to have one for your skincare products? The answer is, they are not necessary, which may also depend on your lifestyle. I have also sold the idea of having a skin care fridge and some of you bought the idea for various reasons. Someone said to store their fragrances, some needed to know how mine worked and if it was worth having.

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Fall Winter Body Care Products.

best shower oil

Yes winter is coming. Fall is here, so will Winter gradually come and with that, comes drier skin. If you already have dry skin, you know that Fall Winter is the time to really up your body care products when it comes to keeping your skin deeply moisturized and hydrated.

There is a clear difference between hydrated skin and moisturized skin. Once you know the difference, you would understand that every skin type needs to stay hydrated during Fall Winter.

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Fall 2023 Fashion Trends To Shop Now.

2023 Fall Fashion Trends

We have officially marked the beginning of Fall and with that, comes new trends to try out for the season. The 2023 Fall fashion trends are being debuted on runways, and I have been watching what brands are putting out. Here are some of my picks to try out this season.

It’s interesting how these pieces can fit into any and everyone’s wardrobe irrespective of your personal style. As someone who doesn’t jump on trends, I still love when trends already/can exist in my wardrobe.

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Five Basic Essentials For Fall.

Fall fashion 2023; Styling a Maxi Skirt

Building your Fall wardrobe, and curating your pieces to best serve your style is as important as how well you style them. Although we are almost head deep into Fall, there are some basic pieces you absolutely need to build your Fall wardrobe for the season and into Winter.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing five items that everyone needs in their Fall collection, irrespective of personal style.

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Last Minute Summer Outfits.

outfit ideas for warm summer to fall days.

Although we are gearing up for Fall, I still have some last minute Summer looks too share, especially for those warm days were I have been brunching and lunching with my family. This year, Summer was extremely hot that I barely enjoyed the activities Summer had to offer; and now Fall is about to start, it feels like I didn’t get the best of my Summer wardrobe.

However, as a cheat code, I still get to enjoy some Summer looks on a trip I have planned. I will get to extend the wear factor on my Summer wardrobe.

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My Nighttime Skincare Routine; Benefits of Ceramides, Peptides and Retinol.

Night time skincare routine and why cermadies, Peptides and Retinol are the best.

I have finally found a set night time skincare routine. I never really had a fixed night routine except for product switches; examples are omitting sunscreen at night, using retinol and AHA based products as well as overnight sleeping mask. These skincare products are significantly for night time.

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Does Weather Change Determine Skincare Change?

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream is the best moisturiser for Fall Winter

As we approach the Fall/Winter season, it is apparent that the weather will gradually change or in some instance drastically change. The cooler the temperature, the drier the weather becomes, which in turn affect the skin. This cuts across all skin types, whether you have dry, oil y or combination skin. Hence, the change in weather conditions, will definitely bring some sort of adjustments to your skincare routine.

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The Perfect 2023 Fall Transition Dress.

New York & Company 2023 Fall Dresses

I can’t believe I am saying this, but Fall is around the corner. In fact, Fall is here with all the fashion that it brings. While I sadly but happily leave Summer behind, I am happy to get some cooler temperatures that comes with exciting fashion. Don’t get me wrong, I love Summer fashion, but what happens when the weather is so hot and uncomfortable that you can barely even wear your fun clothes.

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How To Make Your House A Mini Spa Home.

home spa tips

A well deserved and relaxed time doesn’t always have to be in the four corners of an actual Spa. You can create a luxurious Spa moment for yourself in your home. All you need is the right tool and a nook to create that self-care experience at home.

Whether we admit it or not, 2020 was a turning point for almost everyone including myself. Things shifted from social interactions to islolation and becoming home bodies. Before that year, I was out frequently to get my hair and nails done. I always looked forward to a relaxing mani pedi day at the nail saloon (which I still do). Things gradually changed after that.

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How To Style Muted Outfits.

how to style muted outfits

When you consider neutral colors, muted shades are part of it. Most people who are into neutrals ie whites, tans and black, don’t think that colorful muted shades are neutrals. They lean more to the whites than they would to pastels.

Muted colors are the opposite of bright and vivid colors. They are made of subtle shades like soft lilacs, butter yellow, powder/pale blue. In case you are wondering, any color can be muted by being dulled or greyed. No matter how bright a color is, once you mix it with grey, they become muted.

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Skincare Dos & Don’ts.

how to transform your skin from acne prone to clear and youthful

You may be thinking you are doing your skincare right until you realize you got it all wrong. Yes I have been there, times where I did my skincare routine wrong, applied a right product at the wrong time and vice versa.

My skin has been on a journey for a long time now and I am happy to say I have found what works for me and my skin. Back then, I thought I was doing things right until I hit the jackpot when I found some products my skin loves and since then, I have not looked back.

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Are Water-Based Makeup Products Better Options?

the best water based makeup products to try out

Lately I have been using more water-based makeup products and let me just say I think I prefer them over silicone based. They have a light weight texture which makes your skin look fresher and youthful.

Generally, water based products are ideal for people with dry and sensitive skin. I have dry skin and I think it works great for my skin. However, if you are wanting some more on the subtle or lightweight makeup look, water based products are also ideal for you regardless of your skin type.

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How To Style A Semi Formal Streetwear Outfit.

how to style a semi formal streetwear look.

Generally, streetwear isn’t my style but I can pull looks together that can fit into what I would call a “streetwear” outfit. If you wear lots of jeans, then you can create or build a look around it to pass for streetwear.

A style may not be your type, but you can always work around it to make it yours. You can do this by tweaking your looks, adding what suits your personal style, make some modifications, accessorize to your liking until you create that balance.

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Best Tinted Moisturizers To Have This Summer.

best tinted moisturizers

If you haven’t noticed, tinted moisturizers, skin tints and CC creams are having a moment right now. This doesn’t mean foundations are obsolete, but they are everyday wearables that makeup brands have made available through different means.

The hotter the weather, the lighter you want to go with your makeup products and application. Right before summer, I made that conscious effort to incorporate more tinted moisturizers into my makeup routine while building them into full makeup looks.

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Difference Between Hydrated Skin and Moisturized Skin.

steps in hydrating your skin

I always thought a moisturized skin is a hydrated skin until I began to grasp more knowledge about skincare products. While that had been my belief, most skincare brands use these words that they now become synonymous to many.

However, these words have a clear difference and knowing them, makes it easier for you especially when making product choices.

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Summer Fashion Trends.

anthropologie tiya mini bag

Now we are officially in Summer, it’s time to share more fun fashion trends for the season, starting off with a colorful look of course.

Sheer or organza pieces are making huge statements this season. From shirts to tops and dresses, I will say they are perfect for the season. Not only is the fabric light and airy, they add that free flowy concept to a look.

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Styling Neutral Tones For Summer.

How to wear neutrals for Summer

Does your wardrobe consists of neutral pieces and you are thinking of ways to style them Summer? Read along to see the ways you can incorporate shades that are in the color scheme of neutral tones.

Neutrals are chic but I am going to be honest, sometimes they can be boring without character. There are ways to wear neutrals without going overboard and this look is one of them.

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What Are The Three Most Important Skincare Ingredients?

the three most important ingredients to have in your skincare product is Hyaluronic Acid, vitamin C and Niacinamide.

What your skincare contains, is more important than the price. With the beauty industry continuously growing, it is important to not just only go on a viral product shopping spree, but also take some time to know what these products contain and if they suit your skincare needs.

Choosing skincare products basically depends on your skin type. Is your skin dry, oily, or combination? Whether you fall into any or non of these, there are some important ingredients that your skincare must contain and in this post, I will be listing three of them.

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Tips On How To Best Style Mixed Print Outfits.

best tips on how to style mixed print outfits.

It’s been a hot minute since I styled a mixed print outfit. They are usually very interesting to put together, especially when it comes to bright bold colors.

The art of mixing prints comes with being creative with patterns, shapes, sizes, colors, fabrics and above all balance. While this style of dressing may seem off or difficult to most people, they can be easily adopted if you love clothing pieces with patterns.

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Lip Oils Vs. Lip Glosses: What Is The Difference?

Lip Oils Vs. Lip Glosses: What is the Difference?

I didn’t know I was going to fall in love with lip oils and glosses as much as I have in the past year or two. Prior to that, I was a lip balm and lipstick kind of girl and now I want every lip gloss and lip oil my hands and pocket can get.

If you haven’t noticed, lips oils have had so much hype lately. I didn’t understand the rave until I started using more of them. Whether it’s a hydrating lip stain, serum, or oil, they are for more than just makeup products.

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How To Style Florals For Brunch.

How to style florals for brunch

The season of brunch is here. A time where we get to meet up with our favorite pals and girlfriends just restaurant hopping, eating, drinking and chatting away. Choosing the right outfit is as important as choosing the restaurant to brunch at.

Florals are so feminine and summery. They instantly fit the atmosphere of a brunch event. Whether it’s a simple dress or top, florals are one of the most acceptable fabrics to wear for Summer.

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My Pacifica Beauty Favorites; A Clean Vegan Beauty Brand.

Clean vegan Beauty

I came to know about Pacifica Beauty through the Flip app. I must say that app introduced me to amazing brands. The girlies on there had so many good things to say about the brand and when I got a chance to work with them, I did not hesitate.

I received a box of Pacifica goodies that I got to try out. Although I haven’t been able to go through the entire box, but these are my favorites so far from the ones I have tried.

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A Full Makeup Using Elf Cosmetics.

full face of makeup with elf cosmetics.

If there is one drug store makeup brand that has taken over recently, then it has to be Elf cosmetics. They have continued to dominate the affordable makeup grounds by going above and beyond in their recent launches. This is not limited to makeup products, but also skin care.

Over time, I have been collecting Elf products and I decided to create a full face of makeup using only their products.

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My Supergoop Sunscreen Collection.

Supergoop Sunscreen; Play Sunscreen, Unseen Sunscreen

Since I got introduced to supergoop, I want every sunscreen that they have. They are known for making one the best collections when it comes to SPF or sunscreen related products. From their viral Unseen sunscreen to their glow screen, everything feels and looks really incredible on the skin.

Supergoop is a mineral sunscreen brand that is dedicated to only clean ingredients. They have 40+ options for all skin types, tones and routine.

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Reasons Why Cleansing Balms Are Better Than Makeup Wipes.

why are cleansing balms better than makeup wipes?

At the end of the day, we are faced with taking off our makeup. When you remove your makeup at night, do you use a makeup removing wipes or a cleansing balm? Whichever routine you are faced with, the decision boils down to what products you use while cleansing your face. Recently, the beauty industry has seen a surge in the use of cleansing balms as opposed to cleansing wipes.

On this blog post, I will be sharing top 3 reasons why I prefer Cleansing balms to Makeup Wipes.

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Spring Summer Wedding Guest Dress.

wedding guest dresses

We are far into the season of weddings and celebrating love. The best way to show up is by picking a suitable wedding guest dress to look good not just for yourself, but also for the couple.

I have always been one to allow people come in their best for my events as I don’t see them stealing my shine as most people will say. I love to see people look really good, whether it’s my wedding, or birthday celebration.

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Basic Products You Need For An Everyday Makeup Look.

essential products for an everyday makeup look.

Would you agree if I told you don’t need a foundation or concealer for an everyday makeup look? Well, yes you absolutely don’t especially when you consider having to wear them everyday for long periods of hours.

Except your work requires you to have full beat for photoshoots, on screen events and such, you can totally pull of a makeup look with little to no product and here is how.

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How To Introduce A New Skincare Product To Your Routine.

Except you are a creature of habit, trying new products is not new to most people. Some people tend to go on a hunt for the best skincare products that will solve what they are trying to correct, or some may go in search for cleaner beauty options or some may just be a skincare junkie like myself. Whatever category you fall under, the most important thing to watch out throughout your skincare journey is how you incorporate these new products into your routine.

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Spring Summer Fashion Trend For 2023.

how to make your thrifted clothes look modern? Pair them with a modern item or upcycle them.

The season is in full swing, so is the fashion trend and you can never go wrong with any outfit that has a denim flare to it. Denim is classic, it’s vintage, it’s contemporary because it’s a fashion piece that is ever evolving. 

One of the easiest ways to look put together is by throwing on a denim piece, whether that be a pair of jeans, skirt or shirt. They are easy to dress up or down and I am not surprised that they are back with different twists.

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Basic Skincare Tools You Need.

basic skincare tools you need

Whether you have been on a skincare journey for long or you are just starting out, there are some basic skincare tools you will be needing. However, these tools are not exhaustive and you can add on to what you may consider basic or necessary depending on your skin needs.

On a day to day basis, these are the skincare tools I have come to realize are necessary especially when I take into consideration how regularly I do my skincare.

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Top 5 Reasons To Wear Sunscreen Daily.

Top 5 Reasons To Wear Sunscreen Daily.

I only started wearing sunscreen six years ago and since then, I have never looked back. One of the best things you can do for your skin, is to judiciously apply sunscreen daily whether you are indoors and most especially outdoors.

Most days I wish I started earlier but I’m glad I have religiously stuck to a routine for a long time now. We all know how important it is to wear sunscreen, but do you really know the specific reasons why?

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What I Have In My Spring Summer Wardrobe; Spring Transition Outfits.

Spring Outfits 2023

Finally Spring is here and so is the fashion that comes with it. I have been curating my Spring Summer wardrobe and best believe colors and more colors will surface.

We are starting off the season slow and steady with this adorable swirl knit midi dress from New York & Company. It’s the perfect sultry dress to transition into Spring Summer.

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My Chanel Beauty Favorites.

chanel makeup

As a makeup collector, that goes without saying that I enrich my collection with highs and lows. I have been collecting more Chanel beauty products since I fell in love with their Les Bieges healthy glow bronzing cream. That product changed the way I thought about luxury makeup and decided to look into them more.

While I didn’t think much about luxury makeup brands, I always thought they were just about their name tags and nothing more because luxury doesn’t always mean the best.

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What Are The Skincare Benefits Of Squalane. Is It Better Than Hyaluronic Acid?

It is important to know what ingredients your skincare contains. Whether your skin differs from the next person or not, knowing the contents and its benefits will give you a better understanding on how it affects your skin on the long run.

With someone who has dry skin, I tend to incorporate clean skincare products that contain hydrating properties, and Squalane is one of them.

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A Sustainable Valentine’s Day Outfit.

date night with goodwill

I am an huge advocate of shopping sustainably, which can also mean shopping from your closet or repurposing your already existing clothes without having to purchase new ones.

Another way of encouraging sustainable fashion is by thrifting. My closet consists of 45% thrifted clothes which I hoped to have increased by last year but I still find myself shopping other “fast fashion” brands. However, it is not easy to completely transform your wardrobe to 100% sustainable clothing as it is usually an ongoing process.

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A Simple Valentine’s Day Makeup Look.

simple Valentine's Day makeup look

Not everyone is into a full glam look, so I decided to share a very simple makeup look as an inspiration for Valentine’s Day.

It’s also not surprising that many people are new to makeup and with that, the search for beginner tips are on the rise. Therefore, I would be sharing this look with minimal products, as something you can easily create at the comfort of your home with less products.

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A 2023 Fashion Trend To Try Out.

Choker necklace trend for 2022/2023

Fashion trends that make come backs are usually ones to try out. Trends that go way back 90s and 2000s are beginning to debut in a more fashionable way for 2023 and they are definitely ones to hop on.

Whether you are into trends or not, these choker necklace trends are back in style and not just in their usual style, but in fashionable way. Let’s just say the ’90s trend has finally returned.

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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Makeup Look.

Valentine’s Day inspired makeup look

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I will be curating different makeup looks as an inspiration for that day. Whether you are celebrating yourself, with your significant other or your girlfriends, you want to have a flawless makeup look.

We all know skin like finish is prevalent right now in the makeup industry, but I will be focusing more on how I created the eye look and also listing all the products I used.

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Best Cream Blushes To Have In 2023.

Tower 28 Beach Please Luminous Tinted Balm

Blushes are highly underrated. They are the significant piece that ties what I define to be a good makeup look. Whether you are going for a natural everyday look, or a full glam, blushes will impact the overall look of your makeup.

In the same breath, I will choose a blush especially a cream blush over a foundation any day because I tend to wear blushes more than I would a foundation. With a good blush, some mascara and brow gel, you are set to hit the door for your day.

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First Steps To Building A Skincare Routine; Skincare Products & Tips.

How to build a skincare routine for beginners

Not everyone has a skincare routine. Some do but are not consistent and whichever category you fall under, I will not be judgmental as I was once in that boat and somedays I still find myself sailing that boat today.

One of the most asked questions on my Instagram is what product to use, how often to use it, recommend a good product, what are the best steps etc. I will be answering these questions on this blog post.

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Content Structure For 2023; UGC Creator.

Makeup UGC Creator

This is a simple and easy post ushering us into the new year and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends. Mine was jam packed with fun activities that we couldn’t make it to all our invites. Just grateful for the new year, thankful for all your support on here and I believe 2023 will have better things in store for us all.

This year, I plan on infusing more lifestyle content to my blog. I already do, by writing on skincare tips but there are so many more ideas I will love to write about on here. I get lots of skincare questions on my social media pages so I’m inclined to provide more articles on that topic.

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The Drugstore Makeup Brand That Makes Headlines.

The best drugstore makeup brand

I want to look good but not totally at the expense of my pocket and drugstore makeup brands know how to do just that. However, this doesn’t mean I don’t or won’t own luxury makeup, as I currently own a couple sitting on my beauty counter.

The best part about these drugstore makeup brands is their affordability and they can do the work if not better than these high end brands. Also affordable makeup doesn’t mean they are substandard. In most cases, they are better than these luxury makeup brands out there.

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Tinted Moisturizers vs. Foundations; Are Tinted Moisturizers Taking Over Foundation?

Are tinted moisturizers better than foundations

In the past year, tinted moisturizers have been on the rise and you wonder, what is their benefit and why are brands gearing towards it in recent times. Are they better than foundations? Are they replacing foundations? Where does a foundation stand?…

In today’s blog post, I will be answering these questions.

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A Glam Holiday Outfit.

New York and Company Sequin Sheath Dress

The holiday season and the festivities that come with it is my favorite time of the year, and putting holiday outfits together is also exciting especially a sequin dress.

Today’s blog post is all about the styling a sequin dress. It is all about the glitz, glam, shine, metallic etc as opposed to the last blog post where I shared pieces that are festive worthy but do not include sequins.

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Holiday Party Outfit; A Thrifted Festive Look.

Consignment store outfit for Christmas parties

There is something interesting about finding and styling a sustainable outfit for the holiday. Sustainability could mean repeating your old clothes, shopping sustainably from your local thrift, vintage/consignment stores as well as these online shops.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing ways on how to put together a sustainable festive outfit for the holidays and also pieces that do not involve sequins.

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Fashion Color Trend For Spring Summer 2023.

Fashion Color Trend for Spring summer 2023

Yes I know, we are still in Fall but knowing what’s to come for Spring Summer 2023 as it relates to fashion trends is key. From the just concluded fashion week all over Europe and America, the continuous trend that came down the runway was color and more colors. From the hot pinks to the orange and blues etc.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing more on the fashion color trends for 2023 and how to incorporate them into your existing wardrobe.

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Best Fall Inspired Makeup Look and Lip Shades.

Fall Inspired Makeup Look

With Fall, comes different techniques when doing your makeup. The cooler the weather, the heavy handed you may go when creating a Fall makeup look. It definitely isn’t necessary or advisable to have heavy makeup on, but we tend to leave light and airy looks for summer.

I usually go with bolder lips during Fall/winter- such as deep purple, dark browns, burgundy etc because they tend to depict Fall season and with a simple makeup look and a bold lip, you are good to go for a Fall/Winter look.

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How To Style A Maxi Skirt For Fall.

UGC creator

Maxi skirts are back and they came just right on time for Fall. Although they have always been around, they came back reinvented and stylish for Fall Winter. Of course I had to create this fall fashion trend by infusing colors because it depicts my personal style.

Speaking of maxi skirts, not only are they trending for Fall, they are also good layering pieces for the season. With a maxi skirt like mine, you can wear tights underneath for an extra layer of warmth.

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Fall Transition Looks; Fall Essential Pieces.

Seeing that Fall is here, I decided to share a recap of some of my Fall transition outfits from last year with essential Fall pieces you will need for the season. However, I shared a couple of Fall outfit reels over on my instagram.

Surprisingly, the weather has dropped here in Oklahoma and I will be needing a light layer of cardigan or jacket to keep warm. Thankfully shops are stocking up on these Fall essentials that will make for a good Fall outfit.

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Best Bronzing and Highlighting Products For All Skin Tones.

Best liquid illuminator for all skin types

One thing I love about bronzers and highlighters, is the fact that they are not seasonal and all skin tones can wear them especially the Iconic London products.

While they may not be for everyone, there is no doubt that for those of us who wear them, can attest to how they contribute to the flawless finish our make ups have. Not everyone wears makeup or goes the full mile of using bronzers and highlighters, but for us who do, we are always on the hunt for the best of the best and brands are ready to make available what they think is best.

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Tips On How To Stay Consistent As A Fashion Content Creator.

How to stay consistent as a fashion content creator

Creating consistent social media content for your brand or other brands can be tedious. Whether that be in form of brand partnerships, Organic or User Generated Content, all can take a toll on oneself and the best way to do so consistently is by following the tips I will share in this post.

However, do not take this article as a wholesome answer to your inconsistency as other personal factors may be involved.

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Round Up Of My Summer 2022 Fashion; Fall Transition Pieces.

Spring Summer dress trends 2022

I can’t believe summer is gradually coming to an end! The season flew by quickly and so did my summer 2022 outfits. Sometimes I look back and think I didn’t have as many outfits photographed for the season unlike previous years. However, these are some of the looks I shot for Summer but I will be linking some Fall items at the end of this post.

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Summer Fashion Trend; How To Accessorize Vibrant Colorful Outfits.

How to accessorise colourful outfits

Vibrant colorful outfits took center stage this Summer. It was and still is the hottest fashion trend for the season and accessorizing them is one of my favorite things to do. It doesn’t matter what color you love on the spectrum, anything bright bold and vibrant is the theme for the season although it may not be appealing to most people.

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Summer Wedding Guest Dresses.

Dresses for a summer wedding

For everywhere you look, there must be at least two summer weddings going on. Whether that be in form of a huge ceremony or a simple gathering of a few family and friends. It’s the season to celebrate those you love, and one of the best things you can do for them on such important day, is to find a good summer wedding dress to look your best as a guest.

Summer weddings are always fun and this must be attributed to the weather, the clothes and the environment. With the warm weather comes an array of summer wedding guest dresses to choose from.You get to explore more fun, airy and colorful dresses.

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How To Wear Cottagecore/Prairie Dresses For Summer.

Cottagecore summer dresses

The heat calls for all the beautiful, fun loving dresses you can have for summer and cottagecore/prairie dresses are best. Anything floral, gingham, plaid, prints, puff sleeves, loose fitting, flowy look, etc are all considered cottagecore.

This subtle ethereal look isn’t exclusive to those who love neutral outfits, but definitely open to every fashionable woman. I am continually drawn to the fit these prairie dresses give, as any figure can embody the style in a fantastic way. These dresses are easy to find in any clothing store especially now we are in summer.

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Summertime Makeup Idea; Fourth Of July Makeup Ideas.

Best Cream Blushes For All Skin Tones

There is no better season to bring all the glowing makeup than summertime. It’s the season where you get to try all the amazing, fun, bold, glamorous makeup looks. It’s the season to dare with bold colorful looks, glits and body glows without any regrets.

With Fourth of July around the corner, I decided to share this look on here as an inspiration for you guys. Will be sharing the steps below and all the products I used to achieve this summertime, Fourth of July inspired makeup look.

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How To Style An Oversized Shirt For Summer.

Oversized shirt look for spring summer 2022

While we love body fitting clothes, the oversized look is also here to stay and I must say I am really into it not just for the trend, but the comfort and silhouette it gives to an overall look. Not only is an oversized shirt a great styling piece, it is also beneficial in Summer because of the heat as we will be needing free flowing clothes.

However, most people tend to shy away from oversized clothing, because they feel they don’t get it right when it comes to styling.While I love my tight fitting clothes, I still make room for those baggy, loose fitting clothes especially wide leg pants!

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The Best Milk Body Collection For All Skin Types.

Milk body lotion by fresh beauty

Are you looking to add some milk body products to your skincare routine? If yes, then you are reading the right post! To be fair and honest, I think these are the first milk skincare products I am trying out and I was confident enough to do so because this milk body collection is by Fresh Beauty.

Fresh Beauty is a brand that is true, tried and tested. I have used a couple of their skincare products over a long period of time, which in those times, I had no adverse reaction to their skincare line.

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White Dresses For Spring Summer and How To Style Them.

New York and Company spring summer dresses

What is spring summer without a white dress? It is a must have for the season as they bring a refreshing look to your entire wardrobe. Of course wearing white dresses isn’t restricted to just spring summer, as they can be worn all year round. However, there is something interesting, fun and flattering about wearing white dresses for spring summer.

This season calls for white dresses in different styles, fabrics and designs. However, the ones I am particularly drawn to, are those with eyelets or lace but I couldn’t help but get this one from New York and Company.

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Neon Pink, A Fashion Color Trend For Spring Summer 2022.

Monotone outfit idea for spring summer 2022

You can never miss it, it is conspicuous, it’s bright, it’s bold, it’s energetic and it’s called Neon for a reason. The fashion colors for Spring/Summer 2022, are blues, pinks, yellows and greens, with green being in the forefront of most fashionable publications but today we are highlighting fluorescent Pink.

Most spring/summer runways for 2022 showcased this hot pink. It was hugely done in a way you could never miss the shade being the ‘IT’ thing for the season and as it turned out, most fashion houses tapped into the brighter colors because Pantone approved it.

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The Best Way To Style A Jewel Tone Outfit; Spring Summer Fashion Trend.

Jewel tone outfit idea for Spring 2022

An easy way to come up with a trending spring summer outfit for 2022, is by creating a monochromatic look and jewel tones are the best way to do it. The browns, tans and beiges have become less interesting and people desire to see more colorful outfits and that’s where a jewel tone look comes in.

Styling a monochromatic jewel tone outfit for Spring, brings out the sophistication in a colorful look people are concerned to loose when it comes to wearing colors. This doesn’t take away from the fact that a good color blocked outfit when done correctly, looks sophisticated as well.

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Top Five Benefits Of Using Body Scrub, Body Butter and Dry Brushing.

Benefits of using body butters

Never forget that your skin needs the same care you give to your face. Being the largest organ, the amount of care needed to maintain it, can never be over emphasized. From having daily showers, to body scrubs and moisturizing it, no one is least amongst them all.

I tried out this Exfoliating body scrub and butter by TPH body and they are amazing individually and together. I love that the body scrub contains lactic acid which helps exfoliate, brighten and even out skin tone while the body butter unbelievably melts into my skin and deeply moisturizes it.

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How To Incorporate The Trending Colors For Spring Into Your Wardrobe.

Pastel Spring Look 2022

I get it, not everyone is into colors, they find it difficult to incorporate them into their wardrobe because it doesn’t depict their personal style. If you are amongst that spectrum of people, keep reading as I will share some tips on how to introduce the trending colors into your Spring 2022 wardrobe.

It’s not rocket science, neither is it a tough thing to do when it comes to picking out colorful pieces for your Spring wardrobe. If you are one to stick to a neutral wardrobe palette, the best way to introduce the trending spring colors is by choosing what we call Pastel shades. These shades are softer and milder tones in the color wheel. They are not considered to be bright, vibrant or bold. They are subtle in their nature and can easily pass for neutrals if worn correctly.

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How To Use Cream Makeup Products For A Glowing Healthy Skin.

Chanel les beige healthy bronzing cream is an incredible product that leaves your skin radiant and healthy

If you have been following along on my Instagram page, you must have seen me share some cream blushes and saying why I love them. Cream makeup products are gradually taking over the makeup industry. Not only are brands tapping into this new dimension in the makeup industry, they are consistently creating products that meet everyone’s need when it comes to cream products.

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How To Apply Skincare In The Right Order.

The perfect getaway skincare set

If there is anything I will tell my younger self, is to take my skincare routine seriously. While I consider 17 to be early to start your skincare, I can’t say if I took it seriously as I would right now.

As we age, so does our skin and the best we can do to keep it looking healthy and young is to have a regular skincare routine and applying your products in the right order. Now the big question is: Do you apply your skincare in the right order?

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Vacation Outfit Ideas For Spring Summer 2022; Spring Fashion Trends.

2022 spring summer fashion trend

It’s not too early to start planning a nice getaway for Spring Summer, and with that comes searching for perfect outfits. My previous blog post listed some Spring fashion trends for 2022 and this time around, I am styling this bright bold dress, which is a great pick for a spring summer vacation outfit.

I am always one to pick out outfits that fit into my personal style and wardrobe regardless of trends, and this New York & Company off the shoulder striped puff sleeve dress is the perfect dress for a spring summer vacation 2022. It is absolutely gorgeous, and ticks all the boxes for a trending Spring fashion look.

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Colorful Prints For Spring; Print Trend 2022.

How to style prints and pattern for Spring

Warmer days are here and so are the colorful prints. From dresses to tops and every other piece in between, it’s about time I start digging up the old prints I have and adding a few new ones to my wardrobe. If there is anything you need to do this Spring, is to refresh your wardrobe with some prints that matter for the season. Whether they are florals, stripes, animal prints or vacation prints, your wardrobe needs one of them.

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Chantecaille Beauty Favourites and Review.

Chantecaille Beauty Favourites &and Review

The beauty industry is never ending, with continuous emergence of amazing products. Keeping up with every single product is impossible but being able to get your hands on some best picks is a good idea.

I came to know about the French beauty brand Chantecaille from a UK blogger, who spoke highly of them and I always wanted to try out their products to match the hype.

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Spring Outfit Ideas 2022; Spring Dresses & Trends.

how to style dresses for Spring 2022

The cold fronts are gradually coming to an end “hopefully” and I guess we all can’t wait to take off the layers, feel lighter, incorporate more fun colors and prints to our Spring summer wardrobe.

Spring Summer fashion is mostly associated with bright and airy pieces, one that can make us feel breathable and pretty. We are ditching the thick fabrics for fun dresses, prints, patterns, etc whether they be mid length, long sleeves or otherwise.

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What Colors To Wear As A Dark Skinned Woman.

Colors a black woman should wear

Let’s face it, there is nothing more glamorous looking on a dark skinned woman than a bold colorful outfit. It is catchy, it is intriguing and it is captivating to say the least. Media had over time down played the benefits of wearing colorful pieces and projected more neutral and earthy tones to women, indicating that these shades depict sophistication, elegance and chic, meanwhile the reverse is becoming the case as most dark skinned women are beginning to embrace more colorful pieces and styling them in the most audacious way possible.

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Black Owned Natural Skincare Line.

Black owned natural skincare business

One of my mottos as a content creator, is to highlight small business owners, with emphasis on small black businesses. It’s a personal way of giving back and supporting my culture, provided their values and products align with my personal brand.

In addition to fashion, one of my favourite contents to create and share is anything in the skincare/beauty line and today, I will be sharing more of Neem Naturale.

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Valentine’s Day Outfit Idea; What Colors To Wear.

Colors to wear for Valentine’s Day

Nothing screams more like a traditional Valentine’s Day look like this outfit. It has the well known red and pink a Valentine’s Day look is known to have. This is in no way saying other colors are not acceptable to wear on Valentine’s Day and if I have to choose, I would go with some other color than the traditional Pinks, Reds, Whites and Black.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing some colors, tones, hues and looks that are great for Valentine’s Day. If you want to stay clear from the traditional Valentine colors, keep reading as this post is for you.

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How To Style Dresses and Skirts For Winter.

Styling a dress and skirt for winter

If there is one look I love to see people style during the winter months, is a skirt or a dress because these tend to need more pieces than a usual pair of leggings or trousers. You want to keep in mind that the ultimate goal in any look you desire to create in winter is warmth and something that will keep you warm and comfortable in all those layers is key.

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How To Curate A Sustainable & Ethical Wardrobe For 2022.

How to create a sustainable and ethical wardrobe

Before I dive into this article, I must say my entire wardrobe isn’t sustainable, but 75% of the items in my wardrobe are. Sometimes I count sustainability with how often I repeat my clothes without having to consume (purchase) new items.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing ways in which you can curate a sustainable wardrobe moving forward.

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How & What To Shop Secondhand; Preloved Luxury Websites and Thrift Store Options.

How to shop secondhand items

It’s not new that secondhand fashion has become the forefront discussion in the industry and everyone seems to want to have a piece of what they term as “secondhand”. Whether that be in a form of decor or clothing, brands are streamlining their products to conform to the societal needs of secondhand shopping.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing what I consider to be one/some of the best items to shop secondhand. I’m sure by now most of you know my blog articles are also centred around thrifting so I can say confidently that my opinion/suggestions are based on experience.

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Dainty Jewelry Gift Idea; Bracelet For Valentine/Birthday Celebration.

Valentine Gift Idea

The holiday season may be over but the gifting isn’t and as a fact, we have an upcoming gifting season in February (Valentine) or if you have January birth friends or family members, this is a good time to start thinking of what to gift them. For someone who was born in January, I always wonder what or if I will ever get a birthday gift, knowing that Christmas was just right around the corner. To my surprise, I even get better gifts on my birthday than Christmas.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing more on this Sterling Silver Colorful Bracelet by Fanci.

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Ditching An All Black Look For Winter & Wearing Colors.

How to ditch an all black look for winter

Winter is typically associated with dull, cold, gloomy colors because they depict the weather. As one whose mood is majorly affected by the weather, I try to keep my outward appearance as bubbly and fun as possible. So sticking to an all black or neutral look for winter is a no no for me. Black or neutral tones aren’t forbidden during winter, but I’m here to shift that mindset of “colorful looks are not appropriate for winter”

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Have Wigs Taken Over The Hair Industry?

luvme human hair wig

Life gets busy, salon appointments get impossible to book, your hairstylist is out of town etc and all you need is some hair saving day, especially with the holidays right here, you are left with little or no option for your hair. Lately, I haven’t had the time to book a hair appointment with my stylist so I resorted to wearing wigs because they are convenient and adds that extra touch to my look.

Today’s blog post is in collaboration with Luvme Hair and I will be sharing more on their wigs.

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Holiday Makeup Look; Simple Glam Makeup For The Holidays.

festive makeup look, Holiday makeup idea

Overall, a good makeup look starts with an excellent base. Once you have the right skin work for your face, you can add on to what has been created. A good base also starts with a good skin prep ie your skincare step before your foundation and concealer. Once that has been achieved, your eyeshadow, lipstick contour and highlighter are the last steps to give that final holiday glam makeup you are going for.

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Curating A Sustainable Christmas Outfit.

Who says you can’t get an Incredible Christmas outfit from Goodwill? As someone who loves thrifting, I couldn’t pass on the offer from Oklahoma Goodwill Industries to collaborate with them to share a Christmas outfit look from pieces they sell. I knew this will be a fun task to do because why not!!!

You can absolutely shop sustainably for your Christmas outfits and you will still look Incredible while saving some coins.

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How To Style A Sequin Shacket For The Holidays.

A christmas holiday look

It never gets old or boring with a glam look for the holidays. With the festivities come all the glitz and glam look for the holidays, whether you are going simple or not a sequin outfit is always a perfect choice for the holidays.

Have you ever considered wearing a shacket for the holidays? Not a boring looking one but a fun sparkly one. On today’s blog post, I will be sharing more on this oversized sequin shacket look from New York & Company.

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How To Style Vintage Dresses For Christmas; A Vintage Holiday Look.

how to style Vintage dresses for Christmas parties

Imagine what holiday looks looked like back in the 70s and 80s, with TV shows giving us a glimpse of what women wore, the high fashion, the simple but glamorous looks, the bedazzled accessories, the colorful and outstanding looks etc. Wearing a Vintage dress in these times is no different, as we see people incorporate them into their modern looks.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing few tips on how to style a Vintage dress for the holidays.

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An Affordable Piece You Need For Fall/Winter Layering.

an affordable layering piece for Fall and Winter

We can all admit at this point that a one piece is super easy to throw on and go, but certainly not that easy for a pregnant lady especially when she has to take her bathroom breaks.

Amazon has been showing out in its clothing department and I decided to check them out for some basic items which will be handy for layering in the winter months. I stumbled on this bodycon jumpsuit which comes in a ton of colors (trust amazon for multiple color options) and I got mine in this coffee brown and wine red.

A basic piece that works great for layering during Fall and Winter
A basic piece that works great for layering during Fall and Winter
A basic piece that works great for layering during Fall and Winter

This was one easy piece I wore, comes in a strechy fabric so I am currently wearing a size medium and it fits perfectly and comfortably. A bodycon one piece like this, is an easy item to use when layering for the winter months and because it’s lightweight/already feels like skin, it’s easily buildable into a more warm look for Fall/Winter.


I plan on sharing another blog post showing you all how I layered the jumpsuit, to give you an idea on how to style for the colder month. For now, I just threw on my Lug sole boots from New York & Company and my Aldo bag (old) to create a seamless and monochromatic look, in other to enhance the one piece.


an essential fall and winter layering piece
an essential fall and winter layering piece
an essential fall and winter layering piece

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Office Holiday Party Look.

Outfit idea for an Office holiday Christmas Party

As the year starts winding down, corporate offices will be begin to organize Christmas parties and you may be wondering what to wear for such parties. If ever you find yourself in that fix, you can always get yourself out with a simple black dress. However, today’s blog post is for those who love to incorporate a sequin or glittery piece to their outfit.

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Oversized Sweater Look For Fall.

Oversized Sweater look for Fall

Comfort and Style is what I go for these days and as we continue to enjoy a little cool days before the winter breeze, I’m ready to always opt for sweater dresses.

One of the ways I have been able to marry my comfort and style looks, is by going for anything oversized especially in sweaters and jackets. Luckily I don’t have to buy maternity clothing so I usually just size up and with that being the case, anything between Large and Xlarge that looks good on, I am buying.

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Key Elements When It Comes To Colour Blocking Outfits.

How to style color blocking outfits

It’s always interesting putting color blocked looks together, and more resounding when you apply some key styling tips to your looks. Those tips help your colour blocking outfits look stylish and unique. Every and anyone can colour block an outfit, but what makes yours stand out?

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing some tips to use when styling colourful looks for Fall.

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A Classy Handbag Every Woman Should Own.

A vegan leather bag every woman should own

It’s interesting how many different styles of bags are out there. Most times, we own these bags not because we have the means to purchase them, but because they serve different purposes. A bag you will wear for a date night will be different from one you wear to work or grocery shopping. These instances vary from woman to woman and doesn’t cut across borders as the same.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing more on this Vegan Leather Handbag.

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Ways To Wear Royal Blue For Fall.

What colours go with royal blue

At this point, there is no colour that is restricted for just Fall. Since the emergence of colourful look this past Summer, wearing colours into Fall/Winter isn’t a surprise anymore. When you think you have styled all the colour combination looks, there will be one or two colours from the colour wheel you haven’t touched on.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing ways in which you can effectively incorporate royal blue into your Fall looks.

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How To Style A Monochrome Look For Fall.

Fall Monochrome outfit

Who doesn’t love a monochromatic look? They are easy and seamless to style. One way to come up with simple Fall looks, is by creating a monochrome look which must not be of vibrant Fall colors, but of neutrals and earthy tones if you are not one to love colors at all.

If you are a seasoned reader of my blog articles, you must have come across some tips on how to create a monochrome look and if not, keep reading as I will be sharing few tips on how to achieve that in this post.

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The Best Brow Collection To Achieve A Trendy Brushed Up Look.

Charlotte Tilbury Brow bundle: Fill, Feather, Fix!

Let’s admit it, most of us struggle to get those perfect looking brows. The truth is, no brows are perfect but you can achieve one close to perfect when you work with the best brow tools. My take on brows is, aim to achieve brows that are perfect for your face structure and not what you see trending.

On today’s blog post, I will share more on the Charlotte Tilbury Super Model Brow Kit.

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Fall Fashion Trend(s) 2021.

Fall Fashion Trends, Fall Transition Pieces

Have you ever put a look together, photographed in it and felt absolutely good that it turned out just how you imagined? That exactly how this look made me feel and if you are wondering what a cool combination, I am here to tell you that colorful looks are trending this Fall, and you have to incorporate them into your Fall wardrobe.

On today’s blog blog, if you feel you are not so much of a colourful look person, I will share ways in which you can incorporate those looks into your Fall wardrobe to make it look trendy.

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Are Lash Extensions Worth It?

are lash extensions worth wearing everyday?

One thing that has remained constant since its evolution in the beauty industry, is the use of lash extensions. They have morphed into different ways and are now known to be constantly part of people’s beauty routine. The question now remains is it worth having on? I have seen people ask some influencers or people in general if they can live without having their lash extensions done and the answer across border has been No.

On today’s blog post, I will give a little comparison between having lash extensions and not.

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The Essential Piece You Need For Fall/Winter.


I am all for a piece that is comfortable and warm at the same time, especially for Fall/Winter where you have to use the layering technique to keep warm. If by now, you don’t have a ribbed or knit skirt as it may be called, you are definitely missing out. The comfort and style a ribbed skirt brings is unmatched and I plan on having them in all colors and length for Fall/Winter.

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A Black Owned Accessory Brand And How To Incorporate Them Into Your Wardrobe.

Monaezi Oddboy Bag

Are you in the market for a black owned accessory brand? A brand that is stylish, minimalistic and chic at the same time? The Monazeni brand is one that I have recently come across this past Summer and I couldn’t help but fall in love with their bags. I first spotted them on some influencers and never thought they were black owned until I looked into them. Fortunately for me, few weeks after I stumbled on the brand, I was asked to be gifted one and of course I said yes.

Today’s blog post is about the MONAZENI CROSSBODY ODDBOY BAG. and how to incorporate black brands into your wardrobe.

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The Colour Combination I Project For Fall/Winter 2021

Color combination outfits for Fall 2021

As most of you know, this summer was a huge show of colourful looks and I’m guessing people were tired of the typical neutrals that began to seem a little boring. Colourful looks have a distinctive way of catching the eyes, keeping you entertained and wowed at the same time.

Pink and green is a combination I never saw coming, and it sure lasted the test of time this summer. On today’s blog post, I will be sharing more on this look and how to create a colorful Fall wardrobe.

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Why Cleansing Balms Are Taking Over Makeup Wipes.

is cleansing balm better than makeup wipes?

I recently took a poll on my Instagram, asking my audience how they feel about taking off their makeup at the end of the day, and 84% of them said it was dreadful which I agree it is on some days. Although makeup wipes seems to make the task easier, it has been known to be less appreciated since the beginning of cleansing balms.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing more on the Frances Prescott (Fprescottskin) Tri-Balm.

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How To Effectively Create Content From Home:The Tools For Easy Content Creation.

Gabriel Cosmetics Face Makeup Kit

I get it, you see these bloggers with incredible pictures in beautiful locations and you just wonder how do they do it, what time do they have, and how much resources do they put into these kind of photos. Without a doubt, it can be a struggle for most of us bloggers, especially new moms, mothers without baby sitters, work schedule etc. While these are some prevalent factors that affect content creators, there are also ones such as weather and as we approach Fall/Winter, there will be some days that it will be practically impossible to shoot contents outside of your home.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing tips on how to create content at home and how to make good use of your personal space for content creation.

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The Tools You Need To Achieve The Perfect Full Brows.

How to achieve A trendy brushed up brows

There is no such thing as perfect hence, your brows can never be perfect. They can be suitable (perfect) for your face structure and can never be exactly the same especially when you have to draw them yourself. Remember, brows are sisters and not twins. Striving to have them to look exactly the same may end up in a disastrous wriggly line across your forehead. It’s best to work with what your natural brows look like.

On today’s blog post, I will share few tips on how to achieve a “perfect” brows.

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End Of Summer Brunch Inspired Look.

End of summer brunch look

Hello September!!! Now we have officially entered Fall month, there is no guilt in chatting all things Fall. However, with the few days of Summer still on hand, a few people still find it necessary to bask in the sun and all its glory.

Summer events don’t automatically pause, and with a few brunch and hangouts left for the season, you want to still look good for the rest of the season. Here is a simple look you can style for a brunch date.

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Tips On How To Batch Create Content.

How to batch create content as an influencer

One tedious aspect about being a content creator, is the ability to plan and map out how to effectively create your social media contents. People see the end products ie the final edits on Instagram or Pinterest, but it takes long hours of planning and conceptualization for those images to be published.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing tips on how to effectively batch create content for your social channels.

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Sephora’s Clean Beauty Favorites.

Sephora’s Clean Beauty Favorites

Clean beauty has been the forefront of the skincare and makeup industry. Brands are clamoring to be known for their clean and environmental characteristics. While these are being the objectives of brands, consumers are making the conscious effort to switch their skincare products to a safer and clean line.

On today’s blog post and in collaboration with Saturday Skin, I will be sharing more on their 4 top skincare sellers.

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How To Create A Wedding Guest Outfit From Your Wardrobe.

Wedding guest outfit inspiration

As we gradually wrap up wedding season for Summer, you may be out of ideas on what to wear or may not find a need spend more money on a new outfit. Don’t fret, take a deep breathe and look through your closet and you will definitely find or create something new and fresh for that wedding.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing tips on how to create a wedding guest look from your wardrobe.

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Finding Your Niche As A Content Creator.

how to narrow down your niche as a content creator

This has been one hot topic in the content creation sphere, as the ability to find your niche, gets you 60% of the work you have to do. Your niche is definitely one of the key notes you need to know before starting a blog. This may come easily for some, while some may find it difficult to narrow down.

On today’s blog post, I will share tips on how to know your niche and how to narrow it down.

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What To Wear To A Party By The Pool.

What to wear for a party by the pool

There is a difference between a swimming pool party and a party by the pool. A pool party most definitely involves having the right bikini or bathing suit, getting into the water, splashing, jumping, diving etc while a party by the pool involves drinking and eating “by the pool” and not necessarily having to get into the pool.

In today’s blog post, I will be sharing more on how to dress for a party by the pool.

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Blogging Tips For Beginners And What You Need To Know Before Starting A Blog.

what you need to know before starting a blog

I realized people are wanting to know more about the steps on starting a blog, as opposed to only seeing beautiful pictures on my Instagram and other social platforms. So I decided to share more information about blogging and how to get started.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing few tips on what you need to know or do before starting a blog.

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Accessorizing Black & White Patterned Outfits.

how to style black and white outfits

Patterned outfits may seem all over the place and slightly confusing to accessorize but the easiest and safest way to go about it, is by adding a pop of color to your look. Either your jewelries, purse or shoes can be the pop of solid color. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use neutral tones like black, beige, browns or white to accessorize your look.

Inasmuch as I love colorful pieces, there is still a need to fill in neutral tones for my closet and one of them, is by having black and white outfits or a combination of both because that’s a good way to have a balanced wardrobe in my opinion. While this isn’t fixed on stone as many may not want these pieces in their closet, it is usually advisable to have a couple as they come in handy for some events you need to attend.

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How To Wear A Blazer In Summer.

how to wear blazers in the summer

As weird as it may sound, blazers are worn all year round and even in the hottest season- summer. We automatically think once the weather gets warmer, we switch all the pieces that are better for colder temperatures and one of them is a Blazer. However, there is an exception when it comes to blazers as you see people wear and style them even in the summertime.

In today’s blog post, I will be sharing ways in which you can incorporate a blazer into your summer wardrobe/looks.

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How To Style Menswear As A Woman.

How to style menswear in a feminine way.

With menswear increasingly popular amongst women, where we style and wear them in various ways, I couldn’t help but jump on that bandwagon while adding my feminine touch to it. Not only are men’s wear comfortable and structured, they give a relaxed fit without having to feel clinged up in your look. I have heard most thrifters suggest buying blazers and pants from the men’s section, and have them tailored down to your specific needs is a great way to add menswear into your closet.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing tips on how to add feminine touch to your menswear.

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Black Owned Aromatherapy Skincare.

How to create a spa moment at home

Let’s admit, 2020 made us rethink ways to adopt better at-home self care routines and with spa spots shut down, we began to bring the spas into our homes, by using aromatherapy products during our “me times”. These products are not only beneficial to our topical bodies, but contribute greatly to our mental health because they help relax and restore our bodies.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing more on Ajae Beauty, which is a black-owned Aromatherapy Skincare and Self care brand.

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African Print Summer Dresses; African Women Fashion.

African print summer dresses; African Women Fashion

Tell me a fabric that looks incredibly more stunning than an African print and I will show you better ones that surpasses your choice. These fabrics are known for their unique designs, rich colors and patterns which although originated from Indonesia by a Dutch Entrepreneur back in 1846, quickly became accessible in Africa because of their high demand and by Africa, I mean the continent which comprises of 54 individual countries. Vlisco was first introduced in Ghana and the process of making them is called “batik”. While these fabrics may seem similar, and generally known as Ankara in West Africa, some designs are particular to a country and in most cases a tribe.

On today’s blog post, I will share more about African print dresses and how to incorporate them into your Summer wardrobe.

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A Monochromatic Green Look And How To Style It.

How would you style a monochromatic colourful look

A monochromatic look is one of the easiest, if not the easiest look there is. If you follow along with my blog articles, you know I have shared a couple of articles where I shared tips on how to create and style a monochrome look.

On today’s blog post, I decided to choose the color green since it’s the color for Summer, with different shades popping all around social media. Green as has fast become one of my favorite colors since styling it and even before it was projected to be the color for Summer. It depicts prosperity, nature and growth.

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The Trending Print For Summer All Year Long.

floral fabrics are trending for summer 2021

When it comes to fabrics, there are certain prints and patterns that will always be in style. These prints pioneered centuries ago, stood test of style times, never gone as they are acceptable all year long and we are talking about FLORALS!!

In today’s blog article, I will cover the nature of floral pieces and how to style them. From cottage days to city days, floral prints are spectacular fabrics that are worn by many people in the fashion industry. Let me rephrase, it is a fabric that is worn by any and all, irrespective of their fashion taste or interest.

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The Floral Shorts You Need This Summer & How To Style Them.

How to style floral shorts for summer

There is no better season to flaunt your pretty floral shorts than summer. It’s the best time of the year where cute, lightweight and airy pieces are worn the most and this one from H&M is no exception.

Wearing whatever makes you feel comfortable and YOU, is key. While that is important, I will be sharing more tips on how to style your floral shorts for Summer.

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Maxi Print Dresses and How To Style Them For Summer.

how to style print dresses for summer

Lately I have been adding beautiful prints into my summer wardrobe. Not only are they unique in their individual style, they are great for the season, adding that fun bubbly factor to your summer collection.

Colorful print dresses are key Summer pieces. They are gorgeous enough to fit into your wardrobe and pretty enough to be worn by themselves. On today’s blog post, I will be sharing more on this Halter Maxi dress from New York & Company.

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What To Wear To A Picnic; Picnic Style 2021.

What to wear for a picnic 2021

What comes to your mind when you think of a picnic outfit? I’m pretty sure something light, floral, bright and fun. While those seem to be the standard look for picnics, a black cotton dress is also great for picnic and this one by Grayson fits into the a perfect picnic outfit.

Thinking of how to create the perfect picnic scenery in a light and airy outfit? This post is for you, keep reading.

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How To Make Thrifted Clothes Look Contemporary.

how to make your thrifted clothes look modern? Pair them with a modern item or upcycle them.

Thrifting is always almost associated with something old, whether it be a piece of cloth or a decor. Most people think of thrifted clothes as only being Vintage, but the reality is that although 70% of them are vintage, you can style them in a contemporary/modern way.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing tips in how to style your thrifted or vintage pieces in a modern way.

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A Vitamin C Skincare Routine.

Avon Vitamin C Bundle

We if not all, know that Vitamin C is an essential ingredient for the body, whether you ingest or use it topically, it is a great source for brighter, glowy and healthy skin. However, I will be sharing the benefits of using Vitamin C topically as a skincare routine.

We all thrive to have a smooth, radiant and blemish-free skin. This can be achieved by adding to your already existing skincare routine, a Vitamin C inclusive product, which will help create an even skin tone, prevent sun damage and free radicals that harm your skin daily. Vitamin C is known to be an antioxidant that helps prevent skin/cell damage and when used, adds an extra layer of protection between your bare skin and the environmental elements/pollutants.

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Colorful Makeup Look For Summer.

LA Colors Fruity Fun Collection

If your outfits are not colorful, then your makeup should! I think it’s healthy to add colors to your lifestyle, be it decor, clothing or makeup. Colors are amazing and they make the heart soulful.

What speaks Summer like these L.A Colors Fruity Fun Collection, that consists of 4 eyeshadow palettes, 8 lip liners and 12 gel eyeliners. The 4 palettes consists of 9 shades each, making it a total of 36 shades.

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Floral Wedding Guest Dress.

Summer wedding guest outfit

Officially summer time, warmer weather, more outdoor activities and with that comes more events like weddings, parties, birthday celebrations to say the least. As we think of gathering and celebrating safely, thoughts about what to wear for that friend’s wedding begins to pop up. You haven’t been to any wedding in a while so how do you find the “right” dress for that special day.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing some affordable dresses you can wear for wedding as a guest.

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A Nutritious Supplement.

Goli ACV Gummies

Health is not only wealth, it is beauty and with the hustle and bustle we go through everyday, it is important to supplement our depleted nutrients by taking vitamins that help and make up for lost ones. My life has gotten ten times busier than it was 6 months ago, and with my busy lifestyle, from motherhood, family, 9-5 and running my business, I know it is important to amp up my vitamin intake and this Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies has become a part of my daily intake.

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Gingham Outfits; How To Style Them.

Gingham outfit ideas

When it comes to trend, it never ends. It is an ongoing cycle where pieces, styles, accessories and looks make a comeback and this time around, it’s Gingham!! Yes it’s gone and came back again in full force for Spring Summer. From maxi skirts to espadrilles to sneakers, tops, dresses and even earrings. If you take a scroll down Pinterest Lane, you will discover a unique pattern and trend with colorful gingham looks, from one color to multiple colors in one piece.

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Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Magic Cream.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

Name a brand that carries so much force, and I will quickly mention Charlotte Tilbury. Isn’t just about the name, but she certainly has good products. The only product I have tried from her, is her Award Wining Magic Cream and this time around, I get to use it again in a different capacity.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing more The Magic Moisturizer Charlotte Tilbury gifted me.

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Tropical Outfit Idea.

Tropical Outfit idea

We are a couple of days away from Summer, and lots of people are yearning to go on a vacation in some tropical or beach destination. Whether you are having a staycation or a vacation, packing the appropriate outfit is key. From dresses to cover ups and swimsuits, they put you in the right mood and spirit while you are on vacation.

On Today’s Blog post, I will be sharing more on vacation outfit ideas and how you can style them.

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The Best Face and Body Highlighter.

Warmer weather calls for more glitter and glow. Whether it’s a body or face highlighter, we need to give our skin that extra glow for the season.

This Blog Post is in Collaboration with Becca Cosmetics and I will be sharing more on their Face and Body Liquified Highlighter I was gifted.

USE CODE: BECCAXOCTOLY25 for a discount

I didn’t get into or use any specific body highlighter until I had my pregnancy shoot back in 2019, where I felt that instant need to use one because I wore an off-shoulder dress for the shoot. I wanted something that would highlight my clavicle, and make the areas where my body was exposed glow. It is a good way of highlighting your body structure while adding that extra glow fit for Spring Summer.

Shop exact highlighter HERE

I got the Liquid Face and Body Highlighter in the shade “Strength” which is a radiant bronze pearl that reflects rose gold. This is a perfect shade for you if you like their Shimmering Skin Perfector in “Topaz”, which is an excellent shade for medium to dark skin. I still use the Skin Perfector to date and it’s one of the best or next to best highlighter I have used. Pairing both products together, will definitely give you a magical glow for Spring Summer.

I must state that anything “Rose gold” looks phenomenal on medium to dark Skin. From eyeshadows to highlighters and blush, Rose Gold is a great on that skin tone.