Spring means Florals.

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I plan to continue to share interesting and entertaining fashion ideas on here to give light and love in these trying times.


A jumpsuit in floral just makes it a perfect outfit for spring/summer. This Iris Floral print jumpsuit is from the Happy X Nature Collection (Kate Hudson) under New York & Company The fabric is super lightweight, made from recycled viscose which makes it a great summer wear, because its breathable.

You can shop exact same jumpsuit HERE


An incredible blend of lilac and olive green, ruffled wrist band and a ballon sleeve. It speaks business at the top because of the collar and fun at the bottom. Styled it with my olive accessories and purple heels.



For my makeup, I decided to create a whole purple look, to match/accentuate the lilac on the jumpsuit. In creating this eye look, I used the Makeup Revolution X Patricia Bright -Rich in Color Eyeshadow palette . Sharing this look on my Instagram Page under Lookbooks, got quite a number of likes.


For my hair, I packed my silk pressed hair to the back, and added a draw string to create a ponytail. I wanted a slight change, which still gives me that natural look I always love.

In this present time, I choose to find peace and joy in all that is happening around the world. I may not be affected directly, but my prayers, love and light is constantly sent to the world.




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Monotone Look/Bargain Shopping

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This week I shared a couple of simple monotone looks on my Instagram  stories, where I paired outfits of the same color or different shades from the same color. It’s one of the easiest ways to maximize the clothing items in your closet.


Monotone looks are generally refreshing to style as they balance and even out your entire look. It is sophisticated in its look and style, effortless in creating as you don’t worry much on styling options.


This  Bcbgmaxazria  peplum faux leather pants were a bargain. Original price $248 and I got them for $9!!! it’s mind blowing but I am glad it’s been been added to my closet. It is such a statement piece, very catchy in color and texture.

Paired it with a simple  Calvin Klein Sleeveless V-neck Blouse  which can work perfect for this look and a 9-5 look. Styled with my suede Aldo Stiletto Heels and crossbody bag from Burlington.


These peplum pants are very stylish and particular to certain occasion, such as parties, or night out because its design, texture and color will be off  to wear in a corporate environment (IMO). It will be perceived as too excessive.

However, if you throw on a black long line blazer, to tone down the wet look of the pants, they will work perfect in a corporate environment.


These heels although steep, they are very gorgeous, chic and stylish. They go perfectly with any outfit I have on.




You can start today and pair items in your closet that are of similar colors, shades or tones and you will see how interesting your closet becomes functional.


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Recreating a Look for Spring/Summer.

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Glad spring/summer is upon us, so I have decided to pump up my colours and style fun pieces. I had previously styled this satin crop top last year for my 30th birthday, and here it is styled differently.

My 30th Birthday dinner.

I gave it a more glammed up, event-like look and this time around, I toned things down and styled with a white denim and mules for a more fun, relaxed, brunch, catching up with friends look.

These jeans have to be one of my most comfortable crisp jeans! Found them at Name Brand Clothing and obsessed with it.

Love the cut out design on these SHOE DAZZLE mules. Although steep, they are beautiful and chic! You can shop for a similar one Here

*affiliate links* I love these mules Sam Edelman  Missguided Z Code from ASOS

I focused on achieving a one colour palette for my upper look and one colour for my lower look, hence mustard yellow up and all white below.

In love with this box bag from Zoet World  it is incredibly made and great texture and design.

*affiliate link* I love this box bag by Patricia Nash



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Statement Sleeves!

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In celebration of Black History Month, I decided to go back to my roots in Style.

African prints are the most stylish, elegant and vibrant fabrics I have ever seen! I’m fortunate enough to be Nigerian and I get to explore and create impeccable looks using African fabrics.

Not only are they unique in their textures, patterns and colours, they are of high quality. Their versatility cannot be overemphasised because they can be used to make simple to classy to elegant wears.

The focal point are the sleeves, they are dramatic and stylish. They add that flair to the whole outfit, making a simple little dress stand out.

These African fabrics can be mixed with various fabrics to create looks. The sleeves are made of organza mixed with the traditional fabric. They make the whole look stand out.

These fabrics are not particular to Nigeria as other African countries have their own unique prints and designs. For the most part, generally they are classified under the large umbrella of “African Fabrics”

To shop these fabrics or ready to wear items like this, visit JobimClothing , you truly want to be adorned and be part of a country that is rich in culture, people, food and textile.

To shop this exact dress, visit Ruchne to place your order.

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Styling Patterned Pants.

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*collaboration with New York & Company.

One thing I lacked in my closet was a multicoloured patterned pants, and I was thrilled when I got invited to partner with them to style pieces from the Gabriel Union, Kate Hudson & Eva Mendes Collections.

I knew straightaway that I needed to get me one of these pants, and luckily I found this in the Eva Mendes collection. The colours are beautiful, the patterns and designs are unique.

To style these pants, I headed over to the Gabriel Union collection and found this lush turtle neck sleeveless top, which was a great blend for the pants.

Accessories– Necklace and Bangles from New York & Company, styled the entire look with my hubby’s Jacket, perplex heels and a black bag.

This look can go for a Business look, Uptown Chic Look, Street Style etc.

To shop my look and more, and for $15 off your entire purchase over $30, use my link below ⬇️ and the code NYCOFANS at checkout.

New York & Company

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Effortless Chic Look.

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If you follow me, you know I recently styled this teddy coat. This is another way to style it and if you missed that post, you can check it out HERE


With a basic white cami, mom jeans, pair of boots and a teddy coat, you can effortlessly create a simple chic look. This look can serve for errands, making appointments to having an afternoon drink with a friend.


Threw on my comfy soft  Teddy Coat from Burlington, styled with my thrifted wrangler mom jeans and my pair of block heeled booties from Urbanog.

A cami is a  staple wardrobe piece that comes in handy as an easy styling tool. It can be worn on its own or styled as an under garment as shown in my pictures.


These jeans are one of the most comfortable jeans I own and I constantly reach for them without giving a thought to the others. It’s a good thrift find that I have incorporated into different looks.



Block heel booties are also a great staple piece. They are comfortable and elevate a simple look. Depending on your comfort level, you can go higher or middie.


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Styling Plain Outfits.

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In styling plain outfits, you can decide to go head-toe all plain or add a bit of pattern as seen in my picture. Whichever way you decide, is perfectly fine. Nowadays, it is common fashion for people to style different patterns in one look.

I chose to style this my mint green jacket from SHEIN  love the ruffled details on the wrist with pearl buttons. Decided to create a mild look with my zebra boots from Urbanog being the twist for the look.



Used my structured bag from Burlington to compliment the plain soft look I was going for.
Jeans from Nordstrom Rack.  It’s stretchy and gives a perfect shape



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Business Brunch Look.

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Out for a coffee, discussing that deal and signing off on contracts? This is one way to look stylish and appropriate for that occasion.
Styled this Houndstooth Faux Fur jacket from Burlington with a black mock neck top, from  H&M red pants, black ankle boots by Kenneth Cole and a purse by Steve Madden

It is a look in between business and chic. You can decide to style this whole look with pumps or stiletto, depending on your desired look. I loved styling it this way for a slightly edgy look.


Sure got lots of compliments on this look while the shoot was on, I guess I did an excellent styling job. The jacket speaks class and sophistication, the top is simple, pants are stylish, purse and boots unique to make the whole look great.

This look will most certainly get you the deal signed in your favor.


Not too much going on, but simply stylish for a business brunch.


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Shades of Pink.

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This was an easy outfit to curate. I threw on this plain mini dress and knew I had to style it with my blush pink knit Jumper and sandals. Dress is an old find from H&M  shoes are Jessica Simpsons, bag NINE WEST sweater Thrifted.



Got these statement earrings from JC PENNY  and I love them because they are light weight.

Ruffles on the sandals add a little style.


Chunky Knits are the way to go! They are soft, comfy and cozy. Styled with the floral bag to create a twist to the whole look.


A look recommended for a simple date, without having to do much.



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Mom Life and Blogging Life.

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Addressing the messages I get on how I manage my Mom life and Blogging. It has been a huge adjustment since having a baby as I work around his schedule but I push to make things work on my blog.

By working around his schedule, I use every spare minute to put a line down, or take some pictures for my content. Most times, I shoot some contents at midnight when I know he’s fast asleep. That’s the sacrifice and hard work I put into creating contents for my blog.


Most times, it takes me days to put a blog post together and ready for publishing. Eg for this particular post, I am currently put together my write up, my pictures haven’t been edited just yet, I will have to edit them later and add them to the desired space.

The aim is getting something out every week so I try to create contents every spare time and day to achieve my goal.


It’s not the most comfortable or easy scenerio, but I am determined to keep my readers engaged and it’s an avenue for me to express myself on all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle.


I loved curating this look because was a perfect blend of highs and lows. The teddy coat and bag are from Burlington  and I love them so much, the coat is soft, comfy and keeps me warm. The sweater dress is from Nordstrom Rack and it’s really soft. The shoes are Aldo and belt is Thrifted.


Another way I create contents is by shooting different looks in a day. That gives me the opportunity of having shot contents to work on later.


Pairing these items together, created a very chic and sophisticated look in my opinion. It could pass for a business meeting look, brunch look and a party look.


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My Time with Jord.

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Today’s blog post is all about JORD who I am working with to participate in designing all their products. I love working with JORD because they are focused on refining and producing accessories with natural and reclaimed materials.


If you know me, you know I love vintage accessories hence I chose this vintage inspired design from their Cassia collection. This is made of walnut wood and it comes with a natural finishing oil which is used for the care and preservation of the watch.

You can check out their website HERE   for their incredible watch options for both men and women. You can personalize the watch with a watch engraving and/or box engraving..

Incredible Details!!!

Perfect  for keeping tabs on all my scheduled appointments, work deadlines and meetings.

Works absolutely great with any outfit.

It is light weight, easy to handle with a perfect round cut shape!


As a part of the Design Network, I have the opportunity to give my opinions about styles, colors, and more for their products. Right now, JORD is focusing on their new product line– handbags and would like your help with the next collection! These bags are made from Suberhide, aka cork oak, and vegan leather. The cork oak tree is one of the three trees in the world that can be stripped of its bark without dying. As the bark regrows, it pulls in a great deal of carbon dioxide in the air. The material is scratch and tear resistant, hypoallergenic, water-resistant, flame retardant, anti-static, and resistant to stains. JORD put a lot of research into this material to make a high-quality, natural material handbag!

Hence, I would like to invite you along with me on this journey! JORD is focused on creating products that you are looking for and would love your feedback. Participants will receive $30 immediate savings on JORD’S website. All you have to do is click this link HERE and fill out this short and fun survey.

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Mens Wooden Watches

Swatching Lip Monthly Goodies.

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Today I am writing about LIP MONTHLY  and all their lovely goodies.

It’s a subscription for Full sized Lipsticks, Lip stains, Lip pencils and Eyeshadow sticks. Being my first time to try out their collection, I was impressed.

This bag contained a total of four full  items that worked perfectly with it each other. I could use them separately or blend them to create a look.

A Lip stain, Lip Pencil, Lip stick and Eyeshadow Stick.


Here I used the Hikari Lipstick and the Evio Lip pencil which was smooth to blend.
I used the Eyeshadow Stick  to highlight my brow bone.


Overall, it is a good mix of makeup items which would last a long time.

Checking out Scissor Tail Park.

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F6F4AE32-A25F-48AA-BF40-5F96CEDB4548The Bridge.

CJ and I had planned on checking out this Skydance Bridge here in OKC and we got to finally do so in Fall. Such a beautiful but windy day, my hair kept flying and it was difficult to get a shot without having flyways.


A very neat and beautiful park, lots of people taking strolls and enjoying the beautiful weather. I was 33 weeks pregnant, dragged my big bump and took a stroll round the park, absorbing its beauty and capturing some moments.


Decided to style my maternity leggings with this Duster jacket by By the Way    a brand carried by REVOLVE . It was a perfect fit for the weather which wasn’t cold or damn hot. Styled with a little slim belt and threw on my flats from New Look (It takes me extra 5 mins to get myself situated to put on a pair of shoes)


I could feel my baby growing by the inch during this shoot. That’s why it is always advisable to have a comfortable choice of clothing when pregnant, because you could be comfy one second and the next you are over every damn thing!!!!!!!!

Leggings are from Burlington— of which I have had an obsession with this store and they carry amazing clothing items of unique designers and style.


Did I mention the slits on both sides of the Duster jacket, makes it more stylish, free and workable.

Wind was in the way but we sure knew how to make it Fashionable!!!!


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Closet Adjustments.

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My closet needs didn’t change much as I mostly sized up. I avoided the maternity section in stores until there was an absolute need for it.

One thing I did for sure, was clear out my closet in other to accommodate the new items I was going to buy.

I basically spent my days and trimesters in big shirts, skirts and dresses. I hated jeans until it got cold.

I’m glad I didn’t get to spend lots of money and even got irritated when I had to shop for newer items because I realised my bump grew bigger in the space of 2 weeks!!!

I was glad I had big shirts that could accommodate my growing bump but spent money buying sweaters and cardigans in XLs.

I hope you found my blog post helpful especially the expectant moms out there.

Maternity Wardrobe Needs.

Hello everyone, welcome back! I hope you all are doing great. This is a going to be a short blog post but first, if you haven’t yet subscribed to my blog, kindly hit the follow button below on the right side of your screen and let’s stay connected. 31AE7C8D-A3F9-49E4-A600-7138F243B70A

Being pregnant and having to adjust to your wardrobe needs without spending so much money is a huge task. Luckily, I didn’t have to buy a range of maternity clothing during my first and second trimester because I could still fit into most of my dresses, shirts and skirts and got ONE maternity leggings to style with my work shirts. All I did was pull them up above my bump.

I usually sized up if I needed to.

This dress is a very old dress I have had for over 5 years but its style makes it possible to wear with or without a bump.


CJ and I finally got to shoot at a sunflower spot she found. It was a quick and fun shoot.

Styled with a Knitted flat sandals for Comfort.


Documenting my makeup look just before I hit the door for the shoot.


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At Home Teeth Whitening. Does it work?

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Today’s post is all about my Teeth Whitening journey and  experience with Smile Brilliant which I absolutely loved working with.



I had never thought about having a teeth whitening process done, but when Smile Brilliant  reached out to me, I thought why not try them out. So here is a full box of the products sent to me, which includes three teeth whitening gel, three desensitizing gel , three catalyst paste, three base paste and two trays. These pastes and catalyst are used to make your impressions which will be sent to the lab in other for your custom trays to  be made for you.


The process of making my impressions were pretty easy and here is a video below showing you how I practically made them. https://simplystylebyj.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/IMG_7853.mov (Click the link to watch video on how I created my Teeth impressions for my trays)

My trays after they were sent to me.

To aid effective results, I had to quit using my teeth whitening toothpaste, brush with just water right before using the whitening gel add a quater syringe of the gel to my trays and commence the process between 45 mins-3 hrs a day. I usually did between 45 mins to an hour daily.

Applying the Desensitizing Gel

The desensitizing gel was used to calm any sensitivity I felt right after a whitening session and I was informed by their agent that you can also apply coconut oil on those affected gum regions to help soothe any sensitivity.


My overall thoughts are that these products were easy to use if you follow the instructions carefully and I will say it has contributed immensely to not only maintaining a good set of teeth, but also giving my teeth this smooth, bright and white polished effect. Now I am even more confident in smiling all day because of Smile Brilliant

Click this link HERE  for a chance to win this set of teeth whitening product, and also use my code simplystylebyj15 for a 15% off on their website HERE


My Neutrogena Collection.

Welcome back everyone, hope you are doing well. It’s been a hot minute I wrote a blog post on my skincare routine. First, if you haven’t yet subscribed to my blog, kindly hit the follow button below on the right side of your screen and let’s stay connected.

CAVEAT: I must say that I am in no way a skincare expert, neither do I have any training on skincare. This is just me sharing my daily/weekly routine.

Body Oil, Multivitamin Booster and Whipped body balm.

I am a bigger believer and consumer of the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Collection because I have a dry skin and reach out for products that contain Hyaluronic Acid which is a hydrating element.

I have been using Neutrogena products since 2012 before the Hydro Boost Collection launched, and I can attest to these products working perfectly fine with my skin. The body oil has been in y collection since then, and I always mix it with the lotion or cream.

Hydrogel Mask, Watergel Moisturiser, Overnight Mask and Hydrating Cleansing Gel.

However, there are other skincare products I use here and there but these are my constant, daily/weekly routine products that I use and will always be in my collection.

Makeup Cleansing Towelettes and the Deep Clean Gentle Scrub.

The makeup cleansing towelette is super hydrating and moist. You can literally use just one to take away your makeup, leaving your skin hydrated. It doesn’t dry up your skin but adds moisture and hydration while you clean.

The gentle scrub is great on my skin because it is mild and can be used as a daily scrub. Its soft, smooth and rich in texture containing tiny beads.

Liquid-lotion Sunscreen in SPF 30 & Ultra Sheer Body Mist in SPF 45

I enjoyed using these sunscreen in summer, especially the spray bottle as it makes it easier for application.

I hope you did enjoy this skincare post and you can shop all or any item below↓↓↓↓ Don’t forget to leave your comments and suggestion while you hit the follow button below on the right side of your screen. XOXO Joy.

Simply Chic!

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Sharing how I styled one of my most comfortable sweater dresses by BCBG MAXAZRIA I found in Burlington! It is so chic, soft and absolutely comfortable. Sadly I have combed through their website and my affiliate links for this exact dress but can’t find it. I will link several ones below for you guys to shop.


I love this bag because it gives me this parisian vibes. It is vegan leather, neatly made and well structured. You can shop exact same bag HERE and it is called The Fulton St Flap Cross Body Bag. I will also link below a couple of different vegan leather bags for purchase option.


Although my mules were thrifted, I was able to find one with similar texture (suede) and heels  HERE The sleeves, length and slit on this dress compliments each other which gives more breathable room for my growing bump. My goal was to dress extremely comfortable while channeling my inner style and beauty.



Styled with my fringe wig, and my Target Acrylic earrings by A New Day


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Linking several shopping options for my Dress, Mules, Bag and Earrings below.


White in Summer.

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Have you checked my MY VINTAGE SHOP out? I am having a free-shipping and 10% discount sale.


This white off-shoulder crinkled-ruched mini dress is an absolute buy and must have for summer. Easy to get in, enough elasticity around the boob area, which can give support to my sisters who love to go braless.

The sleeves comes with an elastic band at the elbow region, which makes it adjustable to your desired length.

I decide to style this dress with a chunky sneakers by SAM EDELMAN and you can shop the exact same one HERE and it’s perfect to create a simple brunch look.

I will link a couple of white dresses under $50 here. I love this one by MISSGUIDED and this by SHEIN and this is just great by BOOHOO


Had to take a picture with this background because it created  good contrast with my white dress.


This pair of sneakers is a stylish and comfortable one. I saw it and had to add it to my collection of shoes. It’s chunky, made of denim fabric and has a bit of rips around it. You can shop exact sneakers HERE It is so chic and stylish.

THIS is another cute Meena sneakers by Sam Edelman, if you prefer to check something different out.


Hair clips are in, and they add a little style and cuteness to any and every hairstyle. Having a bad hair day? These pearl hair clips can add a twist to your hair.

You can shop same hair clips HERE HERE , different styles HERE and HERE



A dainty necklace as a perfect choice for this dress, to compliment my pin earrings.

I hope this post got you inspired, you can shop my look as you enjoy the rest of your week and don’t forget to subscribe.


Living off Skirts.

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It’s funny how I am African but can’t stand the heat wave here in America. It is humid, and super uncomfortable. I am 100% certain at this point that the sun and its humidity is definitely different than Nigeria.

Due to the discomfort summer brings, I decided to incorporate light weight skirts into my wardrobe for summer. If I need to wear trousers, I gravitate towards Palazo Pants or Culottes.


This is an old skirt from seasons back I got from FOREVER21. Pretty sure it’s out but I will link something else HERE HERE

I was going for a Tan and Cream look, so I styled each individual item with the aim of achieving the color scheme. Shoes are STEVE MADDEN and you can shop same shoes HERE


This statement necklace is a THRIFT find and it’s ANN TAYLOR!! going for $4!!!! The price at which I got it for is incredible, that’s why I love thrifting because it is a challenge for me to find quality items without a cost.

Top is a FOREVER21 (OLD)which works as a staple piece in my closet.



Got my bag from Francesca’s and you can shop same one HERE



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Skirt series.

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Skirts are the most comfortable and breathable outfits this season. They come in various fabrics but I will personally opt for satin, silk, flair, polyester, slits, button downs etc. Jeans are not the way to go right now. I love this Who What Wear midi-skirt because not only is it stylish and breathable, it is perfect for summer.


A gorgeous mix of  colors, which made me style with a  LEVI’S Tee, a flat shoes by KARL LAGERFELD and a STEVE MADDEN cross body bag you can shop HERE


I STRONGLY advise you visit my Vintage Clothing Shop HERE as there is an ongoing sale on select items.


This was one of my most fun shoots with my friend CJ. We found this spot and got stuck with it. Good environment and perfect angles.

This outfit is a good choice for brunch or day-time activities with friends. You can switch this look to a night-time look by having those perfect heels on and a stack of  bangles.



I left three buttons open, in other to create the illusion of a front slit, which turned out perfect. You can decide to style it whichever way too. A tank top and a pair of blazers is also a great way to style this skirt, a crop top, or a top with puff sleeves. Any choice of color will be great as no one cares how you mix and match your colors, just make it FASHIONABLE!!!!!!!


I am excited also that this is my 99th blog post since I started blogging and sharing my thoughts about fashion. I pray my 100th post brings greater accomplishments for my Blog.


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Solid and Floral.

Hello everyone, welcome back!! We are officially two days into summer and it’s beginning to burn up. I am glad to have a couple of new friends on here, and for those who are yet to join us, kindly hit the follow button below on the right side of your screen and let’s stay connected.

I am Joy and I love to keep things simple and relatable.


It is amazing how I have had this top for 5 years and it still fits. Not hoarding, but I never see it and when I do I am like “OH this Top is here, let me style it one more time” I would be giving it out soon.

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These pants are a perfect example of summer vibes. Its colors, designs, florals and pleat is a great mix that depicts the season. It’s a Newlook item which was gifted to me by my sister-in-law and has been one of the fun staple pieces in my closet.

Top from Primark, earrings from H&M, Shoes from Old Navy. I linked these Items on my previous post. you can check them out and shop.


Shoes extremely comfortable, good choice for summer and if you need something flat, stylish and comfortable. Top is light weight and suitable for the weather. I chose to style the pants with Teal because it’s one of the highlighted colors on the pants.

You can choose whatever color you desire.



Statement earrings are a great choice for accessorizing if you have less make up or you need to create a focus on your face. I will link a couple of statement earrings below to shop.


You can certainly style this top in various ways, one of which is with a work wear pants or skirt to create a work wear or a pair of White Jeans to help create a contrast with the Teal shade and make it stand out.


Same option goes for the Pants as you have various options in styling it. I would suggest a graphic Tee, a white shirt, tank tops, Blazers, Jumpers etc. You can also decide to mix florals together, no harm, it’s fashion and make it stylish!!!!

A visual example of how to  style the pants differently.