Wedding Guest Outfit Inspiration.

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Print Mixing!

With the crazy times still lurking around us, I thought I will share an outfit inspiration for any upcoming wedding you have to attend as a guest, with hopes that the lockdowns and closures will be lifted soon and we can all be out in the sun.


Floral Maxi dresses are pieces that make our closet come to live! They are beautiful, they flow perfectly, soft in texture, smooth, pretty and flattering. I found this floral wrap dress while shopping for my spring collection and knew straight away it was going to be included in my wardrobe staple.


It is made up of these beautiful bold flowers in different colors, and shape. It comes with a belt, tied to the back, cinched cuffs on the sleeves to create a ballon effect.

Very Lady Like.

The frills at the bottom, gives it that draping effect and imagination. That goes round the dress and cuts off at the front to create a side slit.

29C1BF7A-4B1A-4EEB-80C3-878C19D70DA4 I styled this dress with a pair of blush pink shoes, my floral Nine West Bag and a couple of necklaces. I also thought a blonde hair with be great for this look.

A look perfect for a Wedding Guest.

The entire look together, feels appropriate for a wedding guest. It Spring time and with more weddings and outdoor events in front of us, what print can you possibly wear and style other than a floral wrap dress.

Found a similar dress on Macy ¬†website but it’s currently sold out. I will link similar items for you guys.

A straight hair style compliments the dress.


Don’t be afraid to mix your prints. If you are skeptical about doing so, the safest way to do it is by mixing prints that have one common color eg, my dress and bag has blush pink in them, which makes it easy to match.


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