Sustainable Fashion.

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THRIFTING THRIFTING THRIFTING has been one of my favorite sports because it promotes sustainability in the fashion industry.

My Entire Outfit is Pre-Owned

I curated this look with individual items in my closet that I had purchased from thrift shops.


These items are unique as they can be worn individually or paired together as seen. Pre-owned items foster sustainability because they are second-hand, and are ecologically friendly. Hence the need to produce new items will diminish.


As a lover of Vintage clothes and an owner of a VINTAGE SHOP, I find it more interesting to go in search of these items and most of them are designer items, very unique (not seen everywhere), stylish and good quality.

Pre-owned Purse.

You can check out my VINTAGE SHOP  for listed hand-picked items that aid sustainability.


This is an OVER-SIZED tweed jacket I styled using a belt to accentuate my waist line, paired with a silk shirt and a Wrangler Pair of Jeans.


One of the advantages of having pre-owned items, is that you get them at affordable prices, if not super cheap. Most of them are fairly used and occasionally, you can find new items with tags on!!!!

A Look like this can be less than $50!!!


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