A little Sun; A little Chills.


With the cold breeze and a little sun, I chose this outfit to keep me warm while I still feel the chilling winds.

Love me a long sleeve black top which comes in handy this Fall season. Of course a lace skirt! I love lacy outfits as they give me a lush feeling. Chose that colour to bring a bit of contrast to my “All black outfit”

I pay attention to details on clothes.

A pair of ankle length boots and a rolled down socks. I love creating that style when I go with a short bottom ie Skirts or Quarter length trousers.


Just didn’t go for a plain black top as you can spot the little frills on the sleeves and neck. It also has tiny stripes. How cute??


Hopefully I inspired you stylishly and in the meantime don’t forget to leave your comments and hit the follow button below. Xoxo

Outfit Details:

Top: H & M

Skirt: Loft

Boots: Random

Socks: Kenneth Cole

Bag: Calvin Klein


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