Beauty & Skin Hack!

239BF435-F71E-47D0-B625-E53586BD5712This time, I would be sharing more of my beauty & skin care hacks!

The belif aqua Bomb Cream is one of my favourites and it’s soo hydrating. I love the fact it’s gel, which makes it easy to apply.

The Clinique take the day off makeup remover is also an excellent product as it swoops the products off the face in one instance. My next try is the Cleansing Balm.

The Kush Mascara by Milk is also a great product!

The Caviar Anti aging hair voluminizer is also an excellent product and it really does give my hair that volume. Use after I wash or after I dry my hair.

The too faced matted liquid lipstick is a great product that glides perfectly on the lips and dries on neatly.

I hope you enjoyed the information shared and hope to share more soon!

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Xoxo Joy


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