A Quick Fix.

Hi everyone, for those coming on my blog for the first time, you are welcome! I am Joy and I get excited when I have a new fashion, style and beauty idea to share.

FBAEBA3B-4888-4DDB-8E99-ECB5FF94B8ED A Sunday morning with beautiful weather in the high 50s, I felt the need to wear the Poncho George got me the night before. Clueless on what to style it with, we were so late that it took me literally 25 seconds to breeze through my closet and chose this Jumpsuit.


I have had this Jumpsuit for approximately 5 years now and needless to say, it still fits with a little bit of tightness around the butt and waist region.



Who knows how best to style or recycle old outfit? Sometimes they say if you haven’t worn an outfit in 6 months, give it out, most times I literally forget they are there until I do a wardrobe sweep.


Surprisingly ponchos make an outfit real cute! I wanted either an all black or brown  to compliment the colours on the poncho.


George was skeptical about me loving the Poncho. I guess the pictures can tell.


Styled with a Pair of black shoes and purse.


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Outfit Details: 

Jumpsuit: Random shop in London

Poncho: Marc by Andrew Marc. You can surf the online clothing store Here to shop your favourite items.

Shoes: RiverIsland

Bag: Calvin Klein



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