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It is another episode of closet styling with my friend/client. I used different pieces from her closet to make an outfit.




A sweater Kimono, a black tank top, a mini skirt, a piece of jewelry, belt and a cute bag to make the whole outfit. She has had the skirt for quite a while I couldn’t think of ways to style it. I quickly took all items from her closet, pieced them together to style the skirt.


Having a clothing item for a long time doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be worn or styled differently.

How accessorizing with a belt can make an outfit look completely different & stylish.

The cute sweater-kimono is from Dillards a similar red skirt can be found here from Charlotte Russe bag from JC Penny, a Liz Claiborne crossbody bag which has something similar to the link above.





Hope you did enjoy this Featured blog post on Closet Styling and Organization. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas Holiday Season, as you celebrate with family and friends. Remember Jesus is the Reason for the Season!!!! Merry Christmas.


Kimono: Dillards

Skirt: Charlotte Russe

Bag: Liz Claiborne


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