At Home Teeth Whitening. Does it work?

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Today’s post is all about my Teeth Whitening journey and  experience with Smile Brilliant which I absolutely loved working with.



I had never thought about having a teeth whitening process done, but when Smile Brilliant  reached out to me, I thought why not try them out. So here is a full box of the products sent to me, which includes three teeth whitening gel, three desensitizing gel , three catalyst paste, three base paste and two trays. These pastes and catalyst are used to make your impressions which will be sent to the lab in other for your custom trays to  be made for you.


The process of making my impressions were pretty easy and here is a video below showing you how I practically made them. (Click the link to watch video on how I created my Teeth impressions for my trays)

My trays after they were sent to me.

To aid effective results, I had to quit using my teeth whitening toothpaste, brush with just water right before using the whitening gel add a quater syringe of the gel to my trays and commence the process between 45 mins-3 hrs a day. I usually did between 45 mins to an hour daily.

Applying the Desensitizing Gel

The desensitizing gel was used to calm any sensitivity I felt right after a whitening session and I was informed by their agent that you can also apply coconut oil on those affected gum regions to help soothe any sensitivity.


My overall thoughts are that these products were easy to use if you follow the instructions carefully and I will say it has contributed immensely to not only maintaining a good set of teeth, but also giving my teeth this smooth, bright and white polished effect. Now I am even more confident in smiling all day because of Smile Brilliant

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