Would You Use An Eyeshadow As A Highlighter & Blush?

Hello everyone, welcome back! Please continue to stay safe and sanitary as we decide to intentionally love one another irrespective of race or background. Today, I will be listing the palettes and shades I used in creating this simple look, and also diving more into the eye shades I used as a BLUSH! First, if you haven’t yet subscribed to my blog, kindly hit the menu button above, fill out your email address and let’s stay connected!

I used the Beauty Creations Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette in CALI CHIC, to create my eye look. I used the shade Venice as my base and Marina on my crease. I loved the warmth they both gave to my eyes and will recommend these shades for a daytime look.

For my crease again, I used the crown pro palette in shade No 4. These shades blended together, gave me this smooth soft natural look.

For my blush, I used the crown pro palette, mixing shade No. 3 & 6 to create that rose gold/peachy blush look. It was a perfect blend of both colors to achieve that look.

I believe both my eye look and blush look matched perfectly.

I am happy with how this look turned out. Don’t forget to leave your comments and suggestion while you subscribe with your email address.

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