A Sustainable Accessory Brand.

Hello everyone, welcome back. I hope you all are doing well. If you are new here, my name is Joy and I love to keep things pretty simple and relatable. You can follow me on Instagram for daily outfit inspiration. On Today’s Blog Post, I will be sharing more on MYKILIM which is a Sustainable French Accessory Brand.

As an ambassador of My Kilim, and one who loves sustainable and ethical fashion, I was drawn to not just their objectives, but their style and values which totally aligns with my brand. They are in full support of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and they support women empowerment in Morocco.


This White Soleil Bucket Bag was designed in Paris and produced in Morocco. Soleil means “SUN”. They derive their inspiration from Moroccan ancestry, made out of Old Carpets called KILIM. Each bag is specifically made to its design, hence the name MY KILIM. The bag is from the Exclusive Collaboration with Rocky Barnes, infusing pop of colors combined with Moroccan craftsmanship and metal decoration.

I had suggestions on how to style the bag, and decided to go with this look first. All I did, was pick one color from the bag to highlight, so I definitely went with neon orange, because it is very vibrant and goes with the theme of the collection.

As one who is drawn to sustainable fashion, which thrifting is one of, my metallic mules were thrifted and cost only $6.99. I thought they were a perfect match for the outfit/objective of the brand MY KILIM. I also chose these Mules to create that balance to the outfit, giving that the colors are vibrant and the mules are cool tone.


As we speak, MY KILIM just launched a new collection this past Wednesday and it is the MKLM X MELISSA MITCHELL COLLECTION who is an Atlanta Based Artist. I love that collection and you can use my code for a discount.

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