The Benefits of Sustainable Fashion; A Vintage Blazer Look.

Hello everyone, welcome back. I hope you all are doing well. FALL is officially here and as much as I love to dress up, I don’t like the cold. However, I will continue to share Fall Inspired Outfits and Makeup Looks for you all. You can follow me on Instagram for daily outfit inspiration. On Today’s Blog Post, I will share more on the benefits of sustainable fashion and how this Blazer is a good Fall Look. Will be directing you all to MY VINTAGE SHOP.

As much as it is Sweater Season, it is also Blazer Season because Blazers add a good layer to an outfit no matter the style or shape. I know most of you aren’t aware that I own a Vintage Shop on Etsy where I re-sell Pre-owned Vintage Items, from clothings to accessories. I love to shop ethically and sustainably. Inasmuch as I shop through these fast fashions brands, I still love wearing and owning a vintage Item in my closet.

Sustainable fashion is currently on the verge of leading these fast fashion brands. People are tending to sway more into ethical clothing because the environmental damage done in producing one new clothing item is devastating. Vintage Pieces are unique and most of which come from good quality fabric. I am 100% guilty of shopping from these fast fashion brands and it is a gradual process to completely change your entire closet into sustainable items.

My Blazers, Faux leather Pants and Belt are Vintage Pieces, sourced from my local thrift shop here in OKC, and this Blazer is available for sale in my Vintage Shop.

You can shop other Blazers HERE, HERE & HERE.

As much as thrifting can be daunting, it is a good way to add quality pieces to your closet without spending much money. The benefits are financial and environmental sustainability. Thinking of transforming your closet to ethical clothing, you can start by visiting these second hand online consignment stores most of which are on Etsy and places like Material World, Thredup, Poshmark etc

This is a perfect Fall Color and both items are suitable for the season. With a good blazer, you can curate a simple outfit by wearing a mock neck sweater underneath, or a tank top. A good Blazer helps elevate a simple look to a dressy and classy one. I love the blended colors on this Blazer and I believe if you are not into so much colors like I am, this will fit into your wardrobe.

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