The Ultimate Face and Eyes Glow Palette.

As we approach the festive season, we all want to get our faces and eyes glowing with Incredible shimmers and this palette is a go to for creating a start to finish makeup look. Before we dive into it, you can check out my Instagram Page and Youtube Channel for all things Fashion, and Beauty. Today’s Blog Post is in Collaboration with Becca Cosmetics and I will be sharing more on the BECCAXBARBIEFERREIRA Prismatica Face Palette.

The Prismatica Palette is a 5 pan palette with incredible pigmented shades. It is a face and eye palette of bold color and iridescent light for multidimensional holiday looks, curated together with Barbie Ferreira. The consistency is magical and it stays long without creasing or fallouts. I love working with Palettes that are versatile and can be used for both the eyes and face. It is an all-in-one palette for natural/wearable looks to playful Euphoria-inspired glam! I definitely love the glits and glam associated with this palette.

In creating this look, I used all 5 shades. For my eyelids, I focused on creating that vibrant popping look hence I chose the shade “Hustle”, giving me that bold glittering purple look. I highlighted my brow bone using “Prismify” because it gives that subtle champagne undertone which isn’t overbearing for a dark skin tone and you need just a little to define your brow bone.

I wanted that ultra-smooth layering of bold colors that projects an iridescent light so I used the shade ” Hued” for my under eyes which helped opening up and brightening my entire eyes. In blending, I took that shade and slightly drew it to the corner of my eyes, creating that illusion of a cat-ish eyes, and meeting with the purple (Hustle) at the top corner of my eyes.


I went ahead and used the shade “Refract” for the inner corner of my eyes, making my eyes a little wider. At this point, all 5 shades are on my eyes, and they are beaming with a multi-dimensional finish, with every corner having an iridescent glow.

To highlight my cheeks, forehead and bridge of my nose, I used the shade “Glimmer”. It is has the most beautiful rose gold undertone that makes the perfect shade for highlighting.

This is what you call the “Full Glowy and Glittering Face”

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