Cozy Tie Dye Sherpa Jacket.

Although Sherpa Jackets are very comfortable and cozy, it never crossed my mind to purchase one. Each time I saw one, I cancelled the urge to buy until Bad Habit Boutique reached out and sent one to me. Before we head into this blog post, check out my Instagram Page and YouTube Channel for all things Fashion and Beauty. Today’s Blog Post is In Collaboration with Bad Habit Boutique.

They will be launching this $25 Sherpa Jacket today by 1pm CST and it comes in two colors, Dream and Bright. Both styles will come in Half Zip or Full Zip so depending on your style of preference, they provided for both. Unfortunately this edition or release is a limited stock so it’s best you grab yours when immediately from their website when it’s available to the public.

The colours are very pretty with a blend of beautiful pastel shades. It’s very soft, cozy and comfortable to slide in and out. I love the zipper part to create a turtle neck effect. That will come in handy for cooler temperatures.


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