Colorful Outfit For Thanksgiving.

It is the week of Thanksgiving and we may be thinking of how to celebrate this year and what to wear. Last week, I shared a simple cute look that can be worn and also shared a Youtube video on dressier looks. You can check out my Instagram Page for all things Fashion and Beauty.

With the uncertainties of the celebrations this year, there is no doubt we can still look good whether in our houses or out with a few friends in a safe manner. I put this look together for those of you who love colors and prints like me. If you are wanting to create a look that is vibrant and simple at the same time, this is what you should go for. The white patterns on the sweater adds a little break in the flow of a monotone look but can definitely still pass for one.

As an avid thrifter, I must disclose that this beautiful sweater was thrifted two years back I believe and it has been a great second hand addition so far. Last time I styled it, I used a pair of Jeans and a neon orange jacket same shade as the sweater. This time around, I decided to style it slightly different with these Zara high waist pants and my sandals I got from JCPenny. I must say, I kind of prefer this look but for sure will still look great underneath any Coat or Jacket. For the sweater, I tucked it into my bra to create that crop effect but it is a mid length sweater with a solid neon orange running at the bottom like the sleeve cuff.

These pants have got to be the lightest fabric I have worn. Very airy, soft and above all comfortable. The only downside to this fabric is the crease it takes up once its worn. Other than that, it is an excellent item I don’t regret buying.

If you remember, I wrote a blog post about my shopping experience with Zara where I got the worse out of my money. The pieces I got were not good size charts and I practically didn’t get value for moneys spent. Well these Pants were the only item was happy with in that pile of purchase.


It may not be the best choice for a thanksgiving outfit since the pants are high waisted but the sweater will definitely help you hide the food baby. Not planning to eat much, you should certainly go for a high waist pants especially with a light fabric as this.

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