Promoting Earth Day In A Fashionable Way.


Sustainable fashion is currently on the verge of leading these fast fashion brands. People are tending to sway more into ethical clothing because the environmental damage done in producing one new clothing item is devastating. One of the ways in which I project my views, is by encouraging secondhand shopping aka thrifting and restyling/repurposing clothes. In the bid to celebrating Earth day, a day where we highlight various ways to help protect the Environment, I decided to shed more light on this day and how it relates to fashion.

Shirt and Corduroy Pants- THRIFT FINDS

I have previously stated in a couple of my blog articles, that sustainability isn’t only associated with secondhand clothing or thrift finds, it is also the ability the restyle or repurpose your clothes in different ways which will be beneficial to our environment and less harmful to it. We are in the habit of purchasing the latest fashion, the new trend, the next sale or the newly launched item. Have you paused to ask “Do I need this many clothes or am I constantly consuming clothing items?” If the answer is YES, then you are going against SUSTAINABILITY and in the long run, harmful to the ENVIRONMENT.

I employ you to work through your closet, take a visual stock of what you currently have, play dress up to see how you can style and restyle items, make a list of items you think you “Need” and stick to that list so you don’t run into a shopping spree and crash into over consumption. When you continuously shop for new pieces, you tend to contribute in ways in which these clothing industries constantly produce clothes in large quantities. When we continuously help them “SELL OUT” we indirectly give them the nudge to produce more and in turn, affects the environment.

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