The Floral Shorts You Need This Summer & How To Style Them.

How to style floral shorts for summer

There is no better season to flaunt your pretty floral shorts than summer. It’s the best time of the year where cute, lightweight and airy pieces are worn the most and this one from H&M is no exception.

Wearing whatever makes you feel comfortable and YOU, is key. While that is important, I will be sharing more tips on how to style your floral shorts for Summer.

It’s all about the pretty colours, the cute details and the fit! A good floral piece be it shorts, skirts or skort, is a great way to add a refreshing summer look to your wardrobe and if you are not into bright colours like me, there are other options with subtle color combinations.

Their pretty nature makes styling easy. You either pick a solid colour from your print or you go with a white shirt or top for that fresh Summer look. For me, more colours, more vibe so I chose to stick with this royal purple top to highlight the purple on the shorts.

Mules for sure had to be this orange braided mules from boohoo but linking similar ones HERE HERE HERE & HERE

Statement earrings are a must this season as well. Just throw them on any outfit you have and they make do!


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