Ditching An All Black Look For Winter & Wearing Colors.

How to ditch an all black look for winter

Winter is typically associated with dull, cold, gloomy colors because they depict the weather. As one whose mood is majorly affected by the weather, I try to keep my outward appearance as bubbly and fun as possible. So sticking to an all black or neutral look for winter is a no no for me. Black or neutral tones aren’t forbidden during winter, but I’m here to shift that mindset of “colorful looks are not appropriate for winter”

There’s is never a hard rule on what to wear and how to style them, but when it comes to winter, it’s inevitable to gravitate towards the well known colors without thinking of incorporating bold hues to your closet. One thing I’m passionate about, is nudging people to tap into the colorful world, ditch societal trends and standards while creating what they believe to be their personal style. I am one who will and can wear colors all year round irrespective of the season.

Now, how do you ditch the all black winter look myth? You can start by switching out your outerwear or accessories to a bold hue while keeping other items neutral, or you can go all out and style all pieces in colours. One simple way is to also wear a bold monochromatic look and style with a neutral outerwear.

I know I know, I have open toes on for winter. I will keep wearing them until there’s snow on the ground and they are comfortable enough for me to slip into and out at this point. However if you style in this same look, a neutral pair of booties will be perfect! Don’t want to also play the bad neutral advocate, but having a wardrobe full of browns, earthy tones, whites, blacks etc, can come off a little boring. Add that colorful spice to it and watch how your winter mood transforms.

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