Best Spring Fashion Trends 2022.

colorful spring fashion trend

Undoubtedly, you can’t scroll through social media without seeing some bright bold hues in numerous colours. From incredible silhouettes to colours and suiting, these trends will remain for Spring.

Spring fashion trend 2022
bright bold colorful looks for Spring 2022
spring fashion trends 2022
spring trends, spring outfit trend

Pulling together your Spring wardrobe can be stressful, especially when you have stumbled on so many options online. Also, keeping up with trends is more daunting than sticking to your personal style. The solution to this is meeting in the middle, where your personal style blends with the ongoing trend and for me, that’s an easy task as I am already one who wears bright bold colours with/without it being a trend.

I am obsessed with anything colourful and the trending Spring colours are Green, Highlighter Orange and Magenta. This Fuschia/magenta look, is a mixture of an oversized bright bold suit and silhouettes which are also Spring trends. I enjoy playing with silhouettes as they make you think of balance and proportions in your overall look. A colourful spring trend definitely puts a halt on neutral looks and I guess people are tired of seeing them, and they want something bright, bubbly and exciting.

outfit inspiration for Spring 2022
monochromatic spring look 2022


If you can’t get your hands on a full suit, you can piece together different items to make up a suit look for Spring. Every item seen on me, was individually sourced and pieced together to create a trending suit look for Spring. The magenta pants are Hanifa Manila pants and they are staple all year round in my wardrobe. They bring that bright bold element to every outfit I wear. The oversized blazer is a thrift find, which pairs nicely with the wide leg pants to create a trending oversized suit look for Spring. Sweater top is sold out but from New York & Company and the Mules are Gianni Bini from a closet sale. These pieces tick off a monochromatic look and above all, a Spring trend for 2022!


colorful spring look for 2022
colorful spring look for 2022


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