How To Achieve An Illuminating Body Glow For Summer.

How to achieve a summer body glow

What better season to show off all the body glow there is than summer. It’s the season where brands tend to push out, because consumers tend to search and shop for all products that can give them the Ultimate glow they need for the season.

Achieving a glowing body for summer isn’t difficult because there are a ton of products out there to serve your needs. These products range from body oils, to body highlighter, radiance boosters and balms etc.

Body oils for a summer glow

Reasons why body glow/highlighters are great for summer.

The best time to get the most out of your body oils, glo-lighters and glow balms is summer because that’s when we get the most sun and these products look great on the body parts where the sunlight catches. Also, summertime is when we get to wear skin showing clothes more, compared to winter. Therefore, the more skin we show, the more we need to use body highlighters to make those areas glow.

There are a ton of body oils, illuminating body highlighters and glow sticks out there by different brands. I love that these glow-lighlighters are made to cater to all skin tone from deep dark to light in different price range.

Body highlighter for a summer glow
Iconic London radiance booster
body oils

Just like body oils, these illuminating body highlighters are great for pool days, beach days, swimsuit/bikini days, parties and photoshoots. In these photos, I used the About Face Light lock illuminating body in shade “Unbound” which is perfect for dark skin tones. It does not transfer, great for highlighting collar bones, T zones and places where you want the light to catch.

For my face, I used the Iconic London Radiance Booster in shade “Rich Glow”. I decided to use it in place of a cream contour and it gave my overall makeup an incredible glow. You can use it over your moisturizer or under your foundation.

shop the best body highlighter and oils.

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