Holiday Party Outfit; A Thrifted Festive Look.

Consignment store outfit for Christmas parties

There is something interesting about finding and styling a sustainable outfit for the holiday. Sustainability could mean repeating your old clothes, shopping sustainably from your local thrift, vintage/consignment stores as well as these online shops.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing ways on how to put together a sustainable festive outfit for the holidays and also pieces that do not involve sequins.

 holiday outfit idea
Affordable festive outfits
How to shop for holiday party outfits
Thrifted festive outfits

I will be lying if I said I haven’t pushed out new pieces for the holidays. With the high demand to shop constantly during the holidays, I know there are people who want to look good but don’t want to spend so much money.

Here are some tips to use while scouting for a festive look for the holidays.

local thrift shops near you.

When I say there are hidden gems in your local thrift shop, best believe. These stores close to you carry most of the quality pieces you need for your festive look. Whether that be in form of sequin, velvets, lace or sheer, these stores have unique items that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Although not all consignment or vintage stores are affordable, but most thrift stores are and still have what these consignment stores have to offer. However, you can start by checking out any thrift store close to you for items you may need to create a holiday look.

These pieces range from a black, white, red or green dress which necessarily doesn’t have to be sequin but has some festive element to it. These stores could be a thrift store, a vintage store or consignment store.

a red coat and lace dress look
Thrift store holiday outfits
How to shop for holiday party outfits
how to style a lace dress

how to accessorize a holiday outfit.

Another major tip that I use when scouting for a secondhand festive outfit, is by focusing on my outer wear. These includes, coats and blazers. A well tailored coat can totally elevate a simple dress for the holidays, especially when it’s red, black or white and a consignment/thrift shop is where to find quality outer wears.

When you wear other fabrics that are festive without screaming festivity, it gives you a balance especially when you don’t like shiny pieces. Lace, Velvet and Satin fabrics are great choices.

Affordable  party outfits
how to style a red coat

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