Tinted Moisturizers vs. Foundations; Are Tinted Moisturizers Taking Over Foundation?

Are tinted moisturizers better than foundations

In the past year, tinted moisturizers have been on the rise and you wonder, what is their benefit and why are brands gearing towards it in recent times. Are they better than foundations? Are they replacing foundations? Where does a foundation stand?…

In today’s blog post, I will be answering these questions.

While I don’t consider myself a makeup or skincare experts, my interest in these fields have given me a bit of knowledge that I will love to share. Recently I have worn more tinted moisturizers than I have a foundation. Why tinted moisturizer? I guess we all want to look our best while protecting our skin.

Difference between tinted moisturizers and foundations
Tinted moisturizers vs. Foundation

tinted moisturizers.

While tinted moisturizers have lighter weight than a foundation, they still come in handy on days where you don’t want a full or even partial coverage look. Although tinted moisturizers do not have the full coverage a foundation gives, they contain skincare benefits as opposed to foundations because they are ‘moisturizers’ with a tint to match your skin tone. The moisturizers in these ‘tints’ offers hydration while providing color to balance redness and discoloration.

They offer sheer coverage which means you see more of your skin than you would with a foundation. They leave your skin looking fresh and supple with a natural glow. Most tinted moisturizers or slip tints contain SPF which we all know is a key element in a skincare routine.


On the other hand, foundations have more pigment and deliver more coverage than a tinted moisturizer. They do not contain SPF or moisturizer that a skin tint or tinted moisturizer will. They are heavier on the skin, depending on the coverage you pick, whether medium or full and they can be dewy or matte. Dewy works best for dry skin, to provide that luminous look while matte works best for oily skin.

They are buildable and last longer on the skin. If however you pick a hydrating foundation, those contain moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid to give you a dewy illuminating finish.

Don’t get me wrong, I still wear foundations and I have a couple sitting on my vanity, but I tend to reach for my tinted moisturizers even when I want a full makeup look. With a concealer, cream blush, mascara, bronzer and a well groomed brows, you can take your tinted moisturizer look to full coverage. I currently use and love the Smash Box Halo Healthy Glow Tinted Moisturizer and it contains Hyaluronic acid SPF 25. .

Finally, depending on your needs, you can go for a tinted moisturizer or a foundation but I will advise that you go for a tinted moisturizer for an everyday look and a foundation for occasional looks

Tinted moisturizers vs. Foundation

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