Top 5 Reasons To Wear Sunscreen Daily.

Top 5 Reasons To Wear Sunscreen Daily.

I only started wearing sunscreen six years ago and since then, I have never looked back. One of the best things you can do for your skin, is to judiciously apply sunscreen daily whether you are indoors and most especially outdoors.

Most days I wish I started earlier but I’m glad I have religiously stuck to a routine for a long time now. We all know how important it is to wear sunscreen, but do you really know the specific reasons why?

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Top 5 Reasons To Wear Sunscreen Daily.
Sunscreen helps prevent Sunburn, Discoloration, Skin Cancer, and Inflammation

The first and known reason for wearing sunscreen daily is for protecting our skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Even on dark cloudy days, it’s necessary to wear sunscreen. By applying it daily, you reduce the risk of sunburn. Anyone is susceptible to sunburn provided you spend a lot of time outdoors without sunscreen. It is advisable to apply in the morning as the last step of your skincare routine, about 40 mins before sun exposure and continuously throughout the day. By doing so, you reduce the risk of skin cancer, wrinkles and other skin issues.

The second reason is to prevent the signs of aging. Repeated sun exposure without any sunscreen, damages your skin elasticity, collagen and skin cells which are the factors responsible for younger looking skin. When these factors are damaged by sunburn, overtime they lead to discoloration, fine lines, wrinkles etc.

The third reason is to prevent or reduce the risk of skin cancer. You can lower the risk of having skin cancer by applying sunscreen with at least 30 SPF everyday and higher SPF for more protection especially if you spend more time outdoors. If need be, apply every 2 hours for additional protection. That’s why I love the Supergoop Mineral Setting Powder with SPF 35 which makes reapplication easy throughout the day.

The fourth reason is to prevent skin discoloration. When I tell you I suffered this so bad on my face, best believe. Prior to using sunscreen daily, I suffered from noticeable hyperpigmentation marks around my temples on both sides of my face. They were so noticeable even to my father. The moment I started applying sunscreen regularly, those discoloration spots began to fade and look less noticeable. No matter the quality of skincare products you use, if you don’t use sunscreen, it tends to defeat the purpose. This helps with having even skin tone

The fifth reason is to prevent inflammation. Sun exposure causes redness and swelling especially for individuals who already suffer from psoriasis. If your skin is sensitive and prone to redness, it is important to use sunscreen with gentle ingredients to help prevent inflammation.

Sunscreen helps prevent Sunburn, Discoloration, Skin Cancer, and Aging
why is sunscreen important?
Sunscreen helps prevent Sunburn, Discoloration, Skin Cancer, and Aging

I have a collection I am currently going through and I hear SPF 40 upwards is best for dark skin, but that statement hasn’t been proven. However, I use various sunscreen with different SPF levels and I can say my skin has been good so far.

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