Is A Skincare Fridge Worth It?.

can I put my sleeping mask in the refrigerator?

While you have heard about a skincare or beauty fridge from social media or at best, one of your skincare creators. The real question is; is it necessary to have one?

I am sure you have a refrigerator in your kitchen, or a mini room fridge to store your drinks or snacks for easy reach, but is it necessary to have one for your skincare products? The answer is, they are not necessary, which may also depend on your lifestyle. I have also sold the idea of having a skin care fridge and some of you bought the idea for various reasons. Someone said to store their fragrances, some needed to know how mine worked and if it was worth having.

is it necessary to have a skin care fridge?
is a beauty fridge worth having?

As a skincare lover, one of the reasons I got a skincare fridge, is to preserve the potency of the ingredients in my products. In most cases, it helps to increase the shelf life of products. However, I get lots of PR products from brands, and I find it difficult to get through all of them in time, hence I had to get a skincare fridge to store the opened ones away

These mini fridges come in just a few liters large; mine should be 8 liters if I remember correctly. They come in fun colors and designs, which can serve as toiletry bags that are big enough to cool some of your favorite skincare products.

You may be thinking, why not use your kitchen fridge, I have been there and I don’t like to keep my skincare tools next to the produce. I had instances where I would pick a tool up to use and it almost smells like food haha!

what products can I put in a skincare fridge?

While a skincare fridge isn’t necessary, you can put any skincare product except makeup, oil based skincare and clay mask in them. I really love having to use a cool gel mask on my skin, and if you like the same feeling, go for it.

Other products you can store in your skincare fridge are eye creams, vitamin C serum, gua she tools, jade rollers, (the cooler they are, they better they depute your face), toners, sunscreens, retinol, niacinamide etc.

what skincare products can I put in a fridge
what skincare products can I put in a fridge

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