Skincare Maximalists Vs Makeup Minimalists.

skincare maximalist vs makeup minimalist

Both beauty worlds have incorporated the minimalist and maximalist terms into their routines. Consumers are beginning to identify themselves with either of them.

Whether you are a 5 mins quick and easy routine girl when it comes to your skincare, or you are a 25-45 mins girl in your makeup, the final result is the focal point to whichever routine you choose to stick to.

what are the benefits of minimal makeup

skincare maximalist

The skincare maximalist approach is for those who love to pamper their skin. These people may also have a variety of skin concerns they are treating i.e from hyperpigmentation, acne spots, dryness, fine lines etc. Incorporating a variety of products into their routine can beneficial to target or address those issues. I have been able to take my skin from acne prone to less acne by incorporating a variety of product. I have kept hyperpigmentation at bay with sustainable results. Hence, I see myself as a skincare maximalist.

Being a skincare minimalist can also mean you can be a makeup minimalist. You don’t need a 10 step skincare routine, if you are getting your desired results. A cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen can also do the job, while a skincare maximalist will want a toner, serum, eye cream and oils.

The cons of being a skincare maximalist are: it is time consuming, it is expensive and you may end up having clogged pores when you use too many products that lead to irritation. Pros are: Hydration, Brightening and anti aging. The best bet is finding what ingredients works and sticking to it.

makeup minimalist.

Being a skincare maximalist has helped me become a makeup minimalist. Prior to this period, I focused more on so many steps in my makeup routine, that I didn’t realize it was affecting my skin. I didn’t care enough for my skin the way I cared enough for a makeup look. Now my skin looks a lot clearer that I prefer to have minimal makeup.

However, this does not mean I own less makeup products, it means I wear less makeup even though I own a lot of them. Being a skincare minimalist can also mean you can be a makeup minimalist. This also applies to those who are makeup maximalist. You can be both, either or neither and still have a great skin.

what are the benefits of being a makeup minimalist

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