Try on Haul- Faux Furs.

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It was a bad weather day, didn’t go to work, had the day to myself and I decided to try on different outfits then it morphed into me doing videos and taking pictures for my blog.


It amazes me how I pick outfits and accessories from different stores and they go so well with each other as though they were bought together. I got this Faux Fur Vest from Marshalls and it is a design by Ci Sono by Cavalini Love the color and its extremely bright and warm.


Styled with an all black look to create that contrast. Paired with my cute little bag I got as a gift and my Aldo nubuck shoes.


I got this Faux Fur as a gift and its a design by Andrew Marc- Marc New York.  Styled with my bag from Next and you can shop something embellished like this from HERE.


Also paired with my Magenta Dolce Vita shoes.

Black & Whites are the easiest to style.

You can literally thrown on any color on a black and white outfit and it would work just perfect.


This is for my ladies who still love to rock their ripped jeans. This a hybrid of casual and classy because of the Faux Fur Jacket, I love the color of this jacket because it is a deviation from black but still on a dark shade.


This Jacket is a Vintage find by Peyton-Marcus (I intend to sell this soon, been worn twice for just photoshoots, still in good condition, keep your eyes peeled for when it is up for sale).




Hope you did enjoy this try on haul and the different ways to style your Faux Fur Jackets.

Outfit Details:

All outfits are linked up on the page, or similar ones on where to shop them are linked above. Black jeans are by @hm and Blue ripped Jeans are @riverisland.

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Stylish with Turtle Necks.

Hello everyone, I am back again with few words but just to inspire you on how to look stylish wearing a Turtle neck sweater or top.

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It is simple, focus on your face, especially your eyes and lips.

People nowadays love to show a little skin here or there just to feel beautiful. I must say, this is a perfect way to be all covered and still look gorgeous.


Weather dropped and decided to go out for dinner with my friends in a Turtle neck sweater by Axcess . It is the Christmas/New Year season so I decided to spice up my sweater look by focusing on my eye makeup and my tassel earrings from  bebe


Hope you are inspired by my little post, enjoy your holiday season and  will be back shortly with more inspiration. You can shop my look Here and something similar Here for the earrings, trousers Here and similar boots Here

Outfit Details:

Sweater: Axcess

Trousers: Nordstrom

Earrings: Bebe

Shoes: Kennethcole


3 ways to Style.

It’s a day to Christmas and I want to drop this little inspiration on how to style an outfit in three ways.

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Won’t bore you with long tales, would just illustrate how I styled my Zara silk shirt in three different ways.




Just giving visual tips…


First look, if you are going for that over-sized look/ nordic style.

Second look, if you are going for a business casual.

Third look, if you are going for a stylish chic look.



Those ballon sleeves giving me vibes.


Hope you did enjoy this new series… three ways to style an outfit. You can find similar shirts Here and also Here


Accessorizing -Closet Styling.

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It is another episode of closet styling with my friend/client. I used different pieces from her closet to make an outfit.




A sweater Kimono, a black tank top, a mini skirt, a piece of jewelry, belt and a cute bag to make the whole outfit. She has had the skirt for quite a while I couldn’t think of ways to style it. I quickly took all items from her closet, pieced them together to style the skirt.


Having a clothing item for a long time doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be worn or styled differently.

How accessorizing with a belt can make an outfit look completely different & stylish.

The cute sweater-kimono is from Dillards a similar red skirt can be found here from Charlotte Russe bag from JC Penny, a Liz Claiborne crossbody bag which has something similar to the link above.





Hope you did enjoy this Featured blog post on Closet Styling and Organization. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas Holiday Season, as you celebrate with family and friends. Remember Jesus is the Reason for the Season!!!! Merry Christmas.


Kimono: Dillards

Skirt: Charlotte Russe

Bag: Liz Claiborne


Closet Styling.

Yes Hello everyone, I am back and this time, I am featuring a friend/client of mine. Hope you all are doing great and enjoying the festive season.

Meet my Friend/Client Nardos.

I was super excited that I got to re-organize and style her closet. After I was done with that, I helped pair and put a couple of her outfits together. She was slightly confused on how to style her sequin little skirt from  Forever21 and there I was, quickly picking individual items from her closet to achieve this look.


I aimed at achieving a simple night time look with her mini brown Faux Leather Half Moon bag and jumper from Forever21


I gradually built up the entire look with her wedge middie heels to keep her comfortable and a black leather jacket to keep her warm for the night time. This whole look can also be worn for an event or better still a Christmas party without having to do much.

It is all in the Details!!!!!!


The biker leather jacket just gives an edge to the entire look. You can pair this look with a black or whiter  Blazer Jacket, but I had to work with the items from her closet and she was excited I got to help style her sequin skirt.

I also did a little switch on the shoes and bag which would be appropriate for hanging out at Bars and Clubs on a Friday Night.


Paired this look with her black purse by Kate Spade where you can find something similar, and an ankle length  boots, giving her a stylish and chic look.



I hope you did enjoy this blog post, in the meantime, enjoy your holiday season, spread love, create memories and remember Jesus is the Reason for the Season.


Sweater, Skirt, Brown Bag and Jacket——- Forever21

Black Bag— Kate Spade

Shoes—- Forever 21

Oh so Vintage.

Hello everyone, the festivities have begun, we are constantly finding ourselves getting ready for one event or the other. Remember, you can keep things simple or elaborate, no one would fault you for it.

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Mercedes Benz of Oklahoma City had their annual Christmas Party yesterday and I thought I should roll out in a Cream Top, Black Pleated Pants and a VINTAGE coat by Betty Rose.


My Black Pleated Pants by Catherine Malandrino Same Here is extremely soft and comfortable, and I knew the pleat pants and lace top was a great pick, with a clear pointy heel and a glittery gold purse to compliment my entire look.


My Red Coat, lol little red riding hood is a Vintage find, perfect for the holiday season, very stylish and unique, with the faux fur to give me a cozy feel. This excellent Vintage coat is by Betty Rose, designed in the 1960s!! I am so glad I got my hands on it. It was a lucky find and it costs nothing compared to the price I see on  Here


You can find most Gianni Bini tops in Dillards Here

Let me lead you into a few tricks I used for my top, to create the waist line. I have this cream ribbon lieing around my house which came with a winter blanket I bought a few months back. When I tried on my top, I knew it needed more concept, so viola, I used the Ribbon on it!



Purse is a Carvella design by  Kurt Geiger, which you can find something similar Here  without the glitters though. Shoes are from Fashionnova, and you can have a quick buy Here . It’s my all time favourite pick that goes with any coloured outfit I throw on.







Hope you all enjoyed this blog post, hang around because I will bring you more exciting fashion and style posts. In order not to miss out on the notifications, don’t forget to hit the follow button down on yiur screen. XOXO Joy.


Top: Gianni Bini

Pants: Catherine Malandrino

Coat: Betty Rose

Purse: Kurt Geiger

Shoes: Fashionnova.



A Quick Fix.

Hi everyone, for those coming on my blog for the first time, you are welcome! I am Joy and I get excited when I have a new fashion, style and beauty idea to share.

FBAEBA3B-4888-4DDB-8E99-ECB5FF94B8ED A Sunday morning with beautiful weather in the high 50s, I felt the need to wear the Poncho George got me the night before. Clueless on what to style it with, we were so late that it took me literally 25 seconds to breeze through my closet and chose this Jumpsuit.


I have had this Jumpsuit for approximately 5 years now and needless to say, it still fits with a little bit of tightness around the butt and waist region.



Who knows how best to style or recycle old outfit? Sometimes they say if you haven’t worn an outfit in 6 months, give it out, most times I literally forget they are there until I do a wardrobe sweep.


Surprisingly ponchos make an outfit real cute! I wanted either an all black or brown  to compliment the colours on the poncho.


George was skeptical about me loving the Poncho. I guess the pictures can tell.


Styled with a Pair of black shoes and purse.


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Outfit Details: 

Jumpsuit: Random shop in London

Poncho: Marc by Andrew Marc. You can surf the online clothing store Here to shop your favourite items.

Shoes: RiverIsland

Bag: Calvin Klein