Styling Plain Outfits.

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In styling plain outfits, you can decide to go head-toe all plain or add a bit of pattern as seen in my picture. Whichever way you decide, is perfectly fine. Nowadays, it is common fashion for people to style different patterns in one look.

I chose to style this my mint green jacket from SHEIN  love the ruffled details on the wrist with pearl buttons. Decided to create a mild look with my zebra boots from Urbanog being the twist for the look.



Used my structured bag from Burlington to compliment the plain soft look I was going for.
Jeans from Nordstrom Rack.  It’s stretchy and gives a perfect shape



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Business Brunch Look.

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Out for a coffee, discussing that deal and signing off on contracts? This is one way to look stylish and appropriate for that occasion.
Styled this Houndstooth Faux Fur jacket from Burlington with a black mock neck top, from  H&M red pants, black ankle boots by Kenneth Cole and a purse by Steve Madden

It is a look in between business and chic. You can decide to style this whole look with pumps or stiletto, depending on your desired look. I loved styling it this way for a slightly edgy look.


Sure got lots of compliments on this look while the shoot was on, I guess I did an excellent styling job. The jacket speaks class and sophistication, the top is simple, pants are stylish, purse and boots unique to make the whole look great.

This look will most certainly get you the deal signed in your favor.


Not too much going on, but simply stylish for a business brunch.


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Checking out Scissor Tail Park.

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F6F4AE32-A25F-48AA-BF40-5F96CEDB4548The Bridge.

CJ and I had planned on checking out this Skydance Bridge here in OKC and we got to finally do so in Fall. Such a beautiful but windy day, my hair kept flying and it was difficult to get a shot without having flyways.


A very neat and beautiful park, lots of people taking strolls and enjoying the beautiful weather. I was 33 weeks pregnant, dragged my big bump and took a stroll round the park, absorbing its beauty and capturing some moments.


Decided to style my maternity leggings with this Duster jacket by By the Way    a brand carried by REVOLVE . It was a perfect fit for the weather which wasn’t cold or damn hot. Styled with a little slim belt and threw on my flats from New Look (It takes me extra 5 mins to get myself situated to put on a pair of shoes)


I could feel my baby growing by the inch during this shoot. That’s why it is always advisable to have a comfortable choice of clothing when pregnant, because you could be comfy one second and the next you are over every damn thing!!!!!!!!

Leggings are from Burlington— of which I have had an obsession with this store and they carry amazing clothing items of unique designers and style.


Did I mention the slits on both sides of the Duster jacket, makes it more stylish, free and workable.

Wind was in the way but we sure knew how to make it Fashionable!!!!


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Closet Adjustments.

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My closet needs didn’t change much as I mostly sized up. I avoided the maternity section in stores until there was an absolute need for it.

One thing I did for sure, was clear out my closet in other to accommodate the new items I was going to buy.

I basically spent my days and trimesters in big shirts, skirts and dresses. I hated jeans until it got cold.

I’m glad I didn’t get to spend lots of money and even got irritated when I had to shop for newer items because I realised my bump grew bigger in the space of 2 weeks!!!

I was glad I had big shirts that could accommodate my growing bump but spent money buying sweaters and cardigans in XLs.

I hope you found my blog post helpful especially the expectant moms out there.

Simply Chic!

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Sharing how I styled one of my most comfortable sweater dresses by BCBG MAXAZRIA I found in Burlington! It is so chic, soft and absolutely comfortable. Sadly I have combed through their website and my affiliate links for this exact dress but can’t find it. I will link several ones below for you guys to shop.


I love this bag because it gives me this parisian vibes. It is vegan leather, neatly made and well structured. You can shop exact same bag HERE and it is called The Fulton St Flap Cross Body Bag. I will also link below a couple of different vegan leather bags for purchase option.


Although my mules were thrifted, I was able to find one with similar texture (suede) and heels  HERE The sleeves, length and slit on this dress compliments each other which gives more breathable room for my growing bump. My goal was to dress extremely comfortable while channeling my inner style and beauty.



Styled with my fringe wig, and my Target Acrylic earrings by A New Day


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Linking several shopping options for my Dress, Mules, Bag and Earrings below.


White in Summer.

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This white off-shoulder crinkled-ruched mini dress is an absolute buy and must have for summer. Easy to get in, enough elasticity around the boob area, which can give support to my sisters who love to go braless.

The sleeves comes with an elastic band at the elbow region, which makes it adjustable to your desired length.

I decide to style this dress with a chunky sneakers by SAM EDELMAN and you can shop the exact same one HERE and it’s perfect to create a simple brunch look.

I will link a couple of white dresses under $50 here. I love this one by MISSGUIDED and this by SHEIN and this is just great by BOOHOO


Had to take a picture with this background because it created  good contrast with my white dress.


This pair of sneakers is a stylish and comfortable one. I saw it and had to add it to my collection of shoes. It’s chunky, made of denim fabric and has a bit of rips around it. You can shop exact sneakers HERE It is so chic and stylish.

THIS is another cute Meena sneakers by Sam Edelman, if you prefer to check something different out.


Hair clips are in, and they add a little style and cuteness to any and every hairstyle. Having a bad hair day? These pearl hair clips can add a twist to your hair.

You can shop same hair clips HERE HERE , different styles HERE and HERE



A dainty necklace as a perfect choice for this dress, to compliment my pin earrings.

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