Tips On How To Stay Consistent As A Fashion Content Creator.

How to stay consistent as a fashion content creator

Creating consistent social media content for your brand or other brands can be tedious. Whether that be in form of brand partnerships, Organic or User Generated Content, all can take a toll on oneself and the best way to do so consistently is by following the tips I will share in this post.

However, do not take this article as a wholesome answer to your inconsistency as other personal factors may be involved.

Tips on how to consistently create content for your social channels
Tips on how to consistently create content for your social channels

It is unrealistic to create content every single day. In an ideal situation or lifestyle, people have 9-5 jobs, children, errands and just life in general to handle with no extra time on their hands to create content every day. While some may have the luxury of time by being entrepreneurs, the ability to create content every day is still unrealistic. This brings me to the concept of batch content creation.

Generally, it is helpful to create your social media contents in batches because it is time saving, and serves you on the long run. I will break this down into simple ways on how to achieve that. 

create a mood board for your DIGITAl content.

As common as the word mood board may sound, some of you jump straight into shooting without creating a concept of looks from your closet. This can range from pining ideas on Pinterest with the aim of recreating something similar (not copying), or jotting down ideas you want to work on. Going through your closet, and styling pieces together, laying them asides as your next content look. If you are going for a color theme on your page, be sure to keep the looks cohesive as possible so your audience can understand your idea. Do this with multiple looks in mind so you cover at least six looks in one shoot.

allot time to create short form contents (reels).

Reels are gaining more traction than static pictures on Instagram, and it is advisable to use the time you shoot your pictures to quickly record some videos you can edit into reels. Most times, once I get my makeup done at home, I quickly record two outfit reels before heading out to shoot. If you are a beauty creator like me, sometimes I record my makeup looks to serve as a reel as well. 

Pick a suitable location ahead of time.

Depending on the looks you intend to create, pick a location that will serve as a good background for all your looks so it creates an illusion like they were shot on different days. Switch spots, go round a building to make it look different and be sure to pick a location that is safe and secure because most times, you get to switch outfits in your car.


Sharing your content on all your social platforms, saves you the time and effort of creating new and separate content for all platforms. It is also a great way to leverage your piece of work for brand partnerships.

How to create digital content consistently
How to batch create content as a fashion creator

I hope these tips were helpful. Be sure to stay connected with me on Instagram @joyebenspiff and Pinterest @simplystylebyj for more!

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