Radiant Skin -1

Hello friends, I know you all are fabulous out there. Before I delve into the different skin  care products I use to achieve a healthy and radiant skin, these are the two BASIC, SIMPLE and COST EFFECTIVE ones I use.

Water!!!!!!… I consume about 4-5 bottles (50cl) daily and more on dehydrating days.


As the name goes, Nestle “Pure Life”….. it keeps my skin pure and clear from the million  toxins I get from the air on a daily basis. It flushes out every waste products in my system which is significant in giving me a radiant skin. Lastly, it keeps my skin hydrated and prevents wrinkles acne!!!

Carmex Lip Balm!!!!…. very affordable and always in my bag!


I am addicted to this balm and I only started using this about 2 years ago. It keeps my lips free from chap, moisturizes and softens my lips , and also prevents any further crack or sore.

It contains salicylic acid which helps in removing the outer layer of skin (in this case dry lips).

Days I have no lipstick or lip gloss on, I apply continuously to reduce dryness around my lip area.

It is a must have as we fast approach the dry season.

I would also suggest, before we begin our splurge on numerous skin care products out there, we can start with affordable and hands on products like these.


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Product Details:

Nestle Bottle Water : Can be found in most convenient and grocery stores

Carmex Lip balm: Can be found in most beauty stores.


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