Stripe Series-1

Hello beautiful people, I am back on my keyboard to give you more exciting feeds on my personal style!! *wink*

Have you ever “accompanied” a friend to a Mall and you see an outfit that literally screams your name? I was a happy victim to a Stripe Top featured in today’s blog. For sure, home girl blocked every form of guilt creeping into her soul so she goes home with that top!. It was a #diehard situation lol.


I lost my entire focus at the sight of this Top and in split seconds, I already styled it in a million ways in my head lol #funfact (I guess that’s how my styling brain works). At that point, I knew there was no going back on this cute little stripe top.


Funny enough, I didn’t have the same reaction when I saw this Top. It was a basic “okay this Shirt-Top is cute and comfortable”. Surprisingly, it gives me more room to style than the first one.

I would be showing TWO ways to style each top.

First Top:


A basic crop top like this, gives you little or no room for much styling. You are left with styling with Pants, Skirt or Shorts. Considering the beautiful bell sleeves, you don’t want to have a jacket on, which would defeat or hide the style of the top.




I chose white bottoms because I certainly didn’t want to downplay the Top.


A basic jean trousers or shorts is a go to pick for most people who don’t stress on a particular way on styling their outfits.


Perfect style for an extremely casual day when you desire to look nice. Very basic and simple. Style with your favorite flat shoes or sandals.


I call this Business Casual.  In the event you have a quick evening meeting to sign a couple of deals, you slightly tuck in the shirt, pairing with a nice purse (bag) which can fit your IPad or writing pad! Nice pumps with Middie heels!! #perfect


A Black Corporate Pants for those in the  9-5 circle or your event requires such.

The Professional Fit!


Noticed I could play more with the second top than the first? I could throw a jacket on or not and still feel stylish.

I also chose a tiny piece of jewellery because it’s dainty and appropriate for both outfits.



I hope you all found these helpful. In the mean time, don’t forget to leave your comments and suggestions without failing to hit the follow button down on your screen. Xoxo

Outfit details:

Crop Top:     (love culture)

Shirt:   (Marshalls)

White Trousers:               (H & M)

Black Pants :      (Primark)

Blazer:     (Banana Republic).



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  1. Whistles *Stripes Stripes Baby* the crop top with white pants is my fave. I also like the blazer paired with the second top:)

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