My Lash Game.

It is yet another day people and I know you all are great out there!

Every lady’s lash game is strong and on fleek. We all want that perfect full long lash that would make our eyes POP right? But the truth is there are days that we can’t go through that struggle to fix lashes (Ps: I am one of those girls who struggleeee to fix lashes. Some days it’s easy while most days I struggle hard lol).

I would be showing you two Eye Mascaras that gives me that long full lashes without having the need for falsies.


The Tarte 4 in 1 Eye Masacara is Ahhhhmazing. I love the fact it is called “Lights, Camera, Splashes”. 4 in 1 because it conditions, lengthens, voluminizes and Curles my lashes which is what every girl wants. It is also known to increase the thickness of your lashes by 330%.

My Natural Lashes!




The next one is the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara.


It has a lash-building brush which helps in creating long lashes!!

For me? It gives length to my lashes while the Tarte Mascara gives volume, length and conditions (softens) my lashes. IMG_6627_Facetune_16.10.2017-12:56:40



I am open to trying different brands of Mascaras but for now? I indulge in the Tarte Mascara for days where I can’t be bothered about falsies!!

Hope you found these helpful and in the meantime, don’t forget to hit the follow button down and also leave your comments and suggestions. Xoxo


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