Budget Spending.

Hey lovelies, guess you all are doing great.  So today we would discuss abit about Budget!


Most times we are on a budget crunch but we still feel the need to buy that item that we cannot let go! Interesting to let you know that you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to satisfy your quest.


For every piece of clothing item, there is a price. Now, you have to balance this out by understanding good shopping skills and how to get fashionable items for a good bargain.

I personally shop across the border ie High Affordable Brands, Name Designers which mustn’t be “Gucci” lol ( I had to throw that in there because I get fed up of all the Gucci everywhere), High Street brands, Outlet Shoppes, Thrift stores etc. In a nutshell, although I do have favourite brands, I pick fine things any and everywhere regardless of the brand name.


Unbelievably, this dress costs less than $30 and all I was concerned about is the fit and the  style I want to portray. I didn’t have to inconvenience my financial status  in other to look good (there are “special” occasions you can decide to do that).


Love this dress because it gives me that Retro Corporate look— Feeling stylish with the cape collars, the colour combination and the well positioned buttons! Not to mention that the shoulder pads are to die for! Lol

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