Rolled out stylish.

I am back! It was a Sunday morning and I couldn’t get up from my bed, sort out an outfit and head to church.

Eventually I strolled out of bed, had a shower, no makeup and was able to quickly throw on these pieces under 2mins!



I was impressed at how quick I was able to put my outfit together.! With a pair of Jeans, you can always throw on different items and still look great!

Weather dropped and I had to flip on a blazer to keep me warm. It was a great choice because it complimented my chequered shirt so well.


It is also a perfect way to style these fall shirts.


007BF685-F618-4F45-A8E8-49BCE2E294E3with a pair of flat black ballerina flats, I hit the door!

Outfit Details:

Blazer: H&M

Shirt: Marshalls

Jeans: Gifted

Purse: Steve madden

Flats: Walmart.


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