How Your Footwear Can Make a Difference In Your Outfit.

Hello everyone, welcome back! I know you all are doing well, please continue to stay safe and sanitary out there. Today’s blog post will be showing you how different footwear with the same outfit can change the outlook/meaning of an outfit. First, if you haven’t yet subscribed to my blog, kindly hit the menu button, fill out your email address and let’s stay connected!


This is a simple stripped button down shirt dress, very basic and casual that can pass for a day time look. However, the way you decide to style it would determine what you intend to make the outfit be. I happened to have both ideas for the shoot and decided to take on both foot wears.

The heels gives the dress an elevated look, more of a baby shower, gender reveal or daytime date look. The heels totally changed the basic out look of the dress. It made it look more dressy and occasional. I am a heels girl and would definitely opt for this look.

The sneakers on the other hand, gives it a more casual, running errand look which can also pass for a simple brunch look as well, depending on the crowd and who you are meeting up with. For one, I am not a sneakers girl but have a couple of pairs for simple errands.

Styling both ways or either way, does not take away the importance of how your choice of foot wear can make a total difference. It does not in anyway make anyone better than the other, because the sole aim of fashion is to wear what makes you comfortable and confident.

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  1. I love how a shirt dress is literally so flattering for many body types. You look stunning πŸ”₯. I have a few shirt dresses and I love wearing them with my Chelsea boots

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