My Thoughts On Zara Sale This Year.

Hello everyone, welcome back! I hope you all are doing well. I never do any critic post on my blog but I must say, after I took a trip to Dallas and back to OKC, I was truly disappointed with almost everything I got from Zara in regards to sizing.

I love sales! I love bargains! I love nice things on a budget, but when those items turn out to be less than what you expected and from a reputable brand, it stings! I have always loved shopping from Zara way back the early-mid 2000s in the UK. I have always had one item in my closet from Zara because their pieces are well made and classic.

As you read this post, this beautiful dress I have on, has tears and rips!. I understand that not every single item in a store will be in perfect condition but what got me was the fact the sizing on most items I got were horrible. I am typically between a size small and medium. However, everything I got in a “Small” didn’t fit at all, then the items I got in “Medium”, could barely fit, they were tight! There must be something wrong with the sizing because one high waist pants I got in a “Small” fit perfectly! which seemed to be the only item I loved in the entire collection, asides from this dress.

Unfortunately, with the times we are in, you can’t try anything on as fitting rooms are shut. You are left to your fitting fate when you get back home, and on my case after driving hundreds of miles back to OKC.

However, this dress, irrespective of the tear, is a beautiful dress with cute ruching details. The colours, print and style is beautiful, and can be worn for a night out or dinner date.

I guess this dress is sold out on their website as I can’t seem to find it. However, this is a similar one with ruching HERE .Earrings are by Izzy Anne X Danielle Collection.

A little pop of colour for my eyes, to highlight the dress.

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