Creating a Fun Iridescent Eye Look.

Hello everyone, welcome back! I hope you all are doing well. Thank you for your continued support towards my content. On today’s post, I will be sharing how I created this Iridescent eye look. It will be a short fun post, but first if you haven’t yet subscribed to my blog, kindly hit the menu button above, fill out your email address and let’s stay connected.

Getting ready for a photoshoot, and I decided to create this Iridescent eye look for my outfit. If you missed that post, you can check it out HERE and it was a perfect look for that outfit.

In creating this look, I used the Makeup Revolution X Patricia Bright Rich In Colour Eyeshadow Palette in shades Birthday Cake & Reckless. I used birthday cake for my base and reckless for my inner and outer crease.

I love how it has pink undertone, purple and grey! That is the effect of an iridescent look. It is a combination of various colors that are visible from different angles. It also has little shimmer to bring out the glow in all three colors.

I also used a blush with an iridescent effect, to help accentuate the eye look. You can see the blush has silver, grey, & a purple undertone. That was such a perfect combination right there.

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