Making The Best Out Of Your Sustainable Clothing..

Hello everyone, welcome back! I hope you all are doing great so far into the week. Yesterday, I shared a new Video on my Youtube Channel ways to curate Fall Looks with both Thrifted Items and already existing items from your closet. You can check that out if you missed it. For daily outfit and makeup inspiration, you can check out my Instagram Page for that. On Today’s Blog Post, I will be sharing a simple way to style a thrifted dress.

A thrift find is like fine gold! You are sure no one has it or even if someone else does, it’s rear to find. They are unique and different. When I find a Vintage item, I think of ways it can work with my existing wardrobe or stand out on its own. This is an oversized shirt dress that I saw good potential in. For one, I love the colour and the print, it’s a dress that can go perfectly fine with any other colour.

Since it’s an oversized dress, I decided to style it differently by letting the buttons out and pulling it backwards to look a little different than the actual style. In that way, you can alter the look of a thrift find to look exactly how you want it if you love it. You can also do some tailoring to switch things up especially in regards to sizing. Now this shirt dress looks more like a V-neck over the shoulder dress.

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