How to Create a Simple Camel Monotone Look For Fall.

Hello everyone, welcome back! I hope you all are doing well and having a great start to your week. For daily outfit and makeup inspiration, you can follow me on my Instagram. You can also check my socials are available through the menu button above. On Today’s Blog Post, I will be sharing about this Monotone Look and how to easily style it.

Monotone looks are way easier to style and I had shared one a few weeks back on my blog. If you missed that out, you check it out HERE. I definitely had this look on my mind for the longest time to style and I finally got to try it out. Both items are thrift store finds and they have been excellent wardrobe additions.


In other to achieve a simple monotone look, always grab colors in the same palette shade or family structure. With reference to these pictures, you see that I chose camel/tan shades which are almost similar to each other and definitely from the same family of colors. In that way, you can pair those items together to make a whole monotone look. These items do not have to be from same “brand” or “fabric” lol but same color palette.

For my accessories, I chose my Madden girl Sandals and my structured purse from Burlington. Both items are from the same Camel colour palette. Threw on my Petra Collar Necklace from Shopbop, and link chain bracelet from Target then viola!

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