How Would You Style A Duster For Fall?

Generally, it is not what you wear but how you wear it. You can absolutely wear a duster for Fall especially when you need to Layer it with some thicker pieces if yours is light weight. You can check out my Instagram and YouTube Channel for more Fashion and Beauty Tips.

Dusters are one stylish pieces that I think all ladies should have in our closet. It’s in between a jacket and a kimono which can pass for an accessory. It is an item that can totally change the look of your outfit once it’s thrown on. As mentioned earlier, it’s not about what you have but how you style it that matters. I have different Dusters that come in different fabrics and if yours is lightweight like mine, it’s advisable to use it for layering as seen in my picture.

However, the ones that are thicker you can absolutely style them/wear them as though you have a cardigan on! For my look, I wanted to create that fresh clean look with a bit of hint which is the grey Duster. With the sleeves turtle neck top, I could easily use this Duster as my second layer to keep me warm.

Such a flowy duster, very pretty and would go with absolutely anything! I was lucky to have found it when shopping from NAME BRAND CLOTHING.

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