Finding Your Personal Style & One Way To Create A Simple Look.

Most times, it can be daunting as to what to wear and how to style it. I have mentioned on my Blog a couple of times that a Monotone Look is one easy simple look you can create right of the back of your head. For more style and makeup inspiration, you can check out my Instagram Page and Youtube Channel. First, if you haven’t yet subscribed to My Blog, Kindly hit the menu button above, fill out your email address and let’s stay connected.

As far as your wardrobe pieces goes, there are definitely items that are of the same color or come from the same color palette. These same color pieces can help you create a simple look without having to worry about if they look nice because no matter what, there is a 100% chance that they will be perfect for each other. I have also mentioned in one of my previous blog post that these pieces do not have to be of the same fabric, they only have to be from the same color palette even though the shade isn’t exactly the same.


Finding your personal style is not only difficult, it can also be confusing. However, you can gradually start putting these simple monotone looks together, then proceed to adding more patterned and textured pieces. When you gauge your comfort level with the patterned pieces, then you can begin to switch up your monotone looks a little bit by mixing colors.

If you are one to not love colors like me, you can stick to your neutral tones by way of creating monotone looks or mixing neutral tones together, then you can gradually add prints and patterns to your look. Finally, not matter what you wear or how you wear it, always add a sprinkle of confidence to your look.


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