A Refreshing And Glowing Spray Serum.

It’s been two years since I started using serums and setting sprays frequently. I was never one to reach out and grab a setting spray to either prep my skin for makeup or use over a makeup. I was a get ready and go kind of girl and still is.

Today’s Blog Post is in Collaboration with D’alba Piedmont and I will be reviewing their White Truffle First Spray Serum. You can also check out my Instagram Page and YouTube Channel for all things Fashion and Beauty.


D’alba is an Italian contemporary brand that combines Korea’s manufacturing technology and inspired luxurious antioxidant white truffle known as diamond in a ground grown in Alba, Italy.

The White Truffle Spray Serum is a Silky glow super fine antioxidant serum mist that is bi-phase avocado oil layer and water-based white truffle extract that can be used to refresh your skin and used under or over makeup for a glowing skin anytime.

This Set Contains: 100 ml of White Truffle Spray Serum, 50ml of White Truffle Spray Serum, D’alba yellow Makeup Bag, D’alba Yellow Shopping Bag and FREE samples

I sprayed before and after my makeup and I must say I was truly impressed at how glowy and dewy my skin felt. I remember shooting some other collaboration and I had so many comments how how glowy my skin looked. It didn’t cake or smudge my makeup, but left my skin refreshed and dewy.

It delivers the highest concentration of antioxidant for visibly plumped skin, it makes for a good hydrating and refreshing skincare routine, while giving your makeup a silky glow finish. It contains White truffle which is an intensive anti aging care, Avocado Oil, which helps with deep hydration and Chia seed which helps with soothing.

This glowing set is only available on Amazon “D’alba Piedmont” and it will come with FREE samples, makeup bag, and shopping bag. Amazon d’Ala Piedmont seller will send you additional samples.

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