How To Effectively Mix Colorful Outfits.

Writing this blog post and wishing I shot this look this week when we had an avalanche of snow. This week was so beautiful in Oklahoma, that it was picture worthy to create all the winter wonderland looks for the season but since I create my content in Batches, this look was shot two weeks ago.

On Today’s Blog Post, I will be sharing more on how to create a look combining colors.

If you know me, you know I am IN LOVE with colors. I thrive and bask in bold vibrant colors because they align with my happy fun personality. I am in no way saying people who wear neutrals are sad because I wear neutrals too. However, I love playing with colors, mixing and matching them as I work continuously on evolving my personal style.

As a first timer, it can be daunting on how and what colors to mix but really, there is no hard rule on how they should be mixed. You can do all primary colors YIKES! or a primary and secondary color! Whichever makes you feel comfortable, totally go for it. However, I will suggest starting off with mixing a primary and secondary color as they are easier to combine and not daunting for a first timer venturing into color mixing.

I used these color combinations because they are relatable and a beginner can see themselves mixing and wearing these same colors. As mentioned earlier, I chose this Turtle Neck Blue Sweater dress as the primary color and this Sangria (Mulberry) Coat as the secondary color. You can see that the Coat is a darker shade and can pass in the Family of Blacks, Dark Browns etc. With this shade, you can easily throw on a lighter shade and you will feel comfortable and look smashing in the combination.

See my little one behind

For me, I am confident mixing any color and I have continued to push and test my boundaries with regards to color mixing. If you follow me on Instagram, you must have seen me share some bold vibrant outfits where I mix lime greens and orange! Yes green and orange which are two secondary colors with a shade as light as LIME GREEN! but guess what, they came out perfectly fine.

I threw on these fluffy knee high boots to finish up the look. I choose white to balance both colors out and white goes with any and every color. The style of the boots are fuzzy and winter perfect that why I wished I took pictures in them when it snowed.

I hope you did enjoy this blog post. Don’t forget to leave your comments and suggestions while you subscribe with your email address. If ever you try mixing colors, please tag me on Instagram @joyebenspiff so I can see.

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