High Shine Lip Plumping Gloss.

This week, I saw quite a lot of contents on lip gloss, high shine gloss, gloss bombs and what a coincidence to also have a set of 3D plumping lip gloss gifted to me by Becca Cosmetics.

Today’s Blog Post is In Collaboration with Becca Cosmetics and I will be sharing more on their BECCAXBARBIE MIRRORED 3D PLUMPING GLOSSES. You can also check out My Instagram Page and YouTube Channel for all things Fashion and Beauty.




This is a set of 3 mini lip glosses with High-impact, 3D shine to light up any holiday look. Each set comes with all three shade, which is also perfect for a gift, or a treat to yourself. These glosses in their formula are made to give your lips that glossy, lush and subtle tint. They are known for keeping the lips hydrated with a brilliant shine.

This set comes in three Shades: Sparkle, Foiled and Facet with plumping, high-shine and non-stick comfortable wear benefits. They can be used as a topper on a lipstick or coated more than once for more pigment.

Sparkle as pictured above, is a Vanilla with Rainbow Pearl shade which gives that shimmering look with a tint of different colors. This shade looks more like a clear gloss with tiny spritz of colors rather than an undertone shade.


This is the Shade Foiled which is a cool pink with with red pearl. When I used this, it gave me that nude undertone and they consistency of it is nice and definitely something you can build up. Definitely see myself wearing more of this shade and it will be perfect for a topper on your nude lipsticks.


This shade is lilac with blue and pink pearls. Amongst all three, this has more color and undertone to it. You can clearly see the purple/lilac beaming through it. When I did the swatch video on my Instagram Reel, this shade looked more pigmented compared to the other shades and the consistency felt heavier.

Did I mention that this lip set goes is from the same collaboration with the BECCAXBARBIE FACE PALETTE? Yes both collections are great together for creating a full face look. I will link both items below to shop.

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